7 Perfect Outfits to Wear in 20-Degree Weather

Not to brag but we're getting really good at dressing for temperatures in the 30s. While deciding what to wear for work when there's a heatwave can be tricky, we've basically got that covered thanks to the need to be as cool as possible when the temperature rises. But what should you wear when it's neither completely boiling nor on the freezing side? The 20 degree weather situation can be a difficult climate to dress for, as you often swing between being too hot and too cold. Do you take a jacket with you? Can you wear sandals? Is time for ankle boots?

As you can see, this weather gives us plenty of questions to answer, which is why we decided to go hunt down some of the best not-cold-but-not-hot outfit ideas. As a result, we've found seven perfect looks that will carry you through those cooler summer days when you're not quite sure what's going to happen with the weather. From lightweight jackets to colours that will stop you from feeling too autumnal, keep scrolling for outfit ideas to last you a full week for the next time it's 20 degrees outside.

1. White Jeans + Sandals


Lucy Williams

Style Notes: The white jeans make this look summery. On those particularly cool summer days, you can swap the sandals for ankle boots.

3. Slip Dress + Leather Jacket


Ada Oguntodu

Style Notes: Ada has mastered transitional dressing here. Take away the leather jacket and you could wear this when the temperature is in the 30s. This silky slip dress and trainers combo is great for many occasions.

4. Suede Jacket + Slip Dress



Style Notes: A light suede jacket doesn't feel too heavy but is warm enough to keep you protected when you're only wearing a slip dress underneath.

5. Light Leather Jacket + Wide-Leg Jeans



Style Notes: When you want to keep your body cool but covered up then a loose leather (or faux leather) shacket works wonders. Pair with wide-leg jeans and sandals. 

6. Mules + Jeans + White T-Shirt



Style Notes: Dubai-based Anum Bashir of Desert Mannequin knows how to dress for warmer weather if your style is more on the modest side of things. Try mules, a white tee and jeans à la Anum and bring a jacket with you just in case it gets cold. 

7. Monochrome Sandals + Trousers + Jumper



Style Notes: While wearing sandals and a jumper might seem impractical, it's actually a genius approach to dressing for this kind of weather. 

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This article was published at a previous date and has since been updated.