5 Items a Celebrity Stylist Would Remove From Your Wardrobe



When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson and Hilary Swank, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

When it comes to cleaning out, I always suggest grazing your wardrobe every few months. Aside from swapping in and out seasonal items like coats and sweaters, I look for five key items to move to the donation pile. Think along the lines of that overbearing drawer of socks or your stack of old T-shirts you’ve owned for way too long. Guilty as charged. Parting with these items on a regular basis will keep your wardrobe well-organised and full of the freshest pieces you wear on repeat. Plus, not only will this habit leave your overall appearance looking perfectly polished, it will create more space in your wardrobe (and who can complain about that?).

Keep reading to find out the five items you should remove from your closet.  

1. Mismatched Socks

We’re all guilty of owning mismatched socks. Where do the pairs go? We will never know, but I suggest finally taking the time to clean out your sock drawer and donate the mismatch pairs. Stock up on my favourite sets below.

All right, we got carried away. Rihanna's a fan, and so are we.

We love the faint metallic thread running through these.

2. Dingy White Tees

It happens to the best of us. You find your favourite white T-shirt and wear it on repeat to the point where you earn some not-so-lovely yellowish stains. Restock your white tee collection with my picks below.

High-quality basics are always worth spending a little bit more on.

3. Heels You Can't Walk In

Maybe you sized down because they were on sale or perhaps the heel was deceptively shorter online—whatever the reason, if you can’t walk in them, then it’s time to part ways. Find another home for the shoes and shop the heel style that’s the most comfortable below.

The perfect heel height for running around in.

Wear these to the office and out for drinks with the girls afterwards.

4. Jeans that don't fit

Consolidate your denim collection every few months, and donate the pairs that no longer fit you perfectly. Jeans give and wear wash after wash so it’s completely normal to have pairs that no longer flatter your body the way they used to. Freshen your denim selection with my go-to jeans below.

The fit and cut of this pair are everything.

The ultimate pair of weekend jeans at a high-street price.

5. Stained Blouses 

Similar to white T-shirts, your go-to blouse will gain stains over time. Whether it’s an underarm situation from your deodorant or an unfortunate coffee spill, if there’s any evidence of a stain, then it’s time to toss. Stock your blouse collection with my picks below.

A simple blouse will never go out of fashion. We love the pussy-bow detailing.

We'll wear this with a skirt and tailored trousers to work and then with mom jeans and trainers at the weekend.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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