Your Personal Stylist: Which Festival Fashion Clichés Can I Avoid?

Each month über-stylist Cher Coulter joins us at Who What Wear UK to answer your burning fashion questions. She's already divulged the most worthwhile fashion investments a girl could make, and guided us through what shoes to wear with different pairs of jeans, but with Glastonbury (and many other music events) here, it's no wonder that the concept of dressing for festivals is in our minds.

It can be a fashion quagmire—literally and otherwise—this festival dressing lark. There are many difficulties that lie in your way, and any girl worth her style salt tries desperately to avoid the many clichés that have now become such regular stage-side attire. What you don't wear has become as important as what you do wear. So, to arm you with the right info, we've asked Cher all about it—what would a cool girl like her, or her A-list clientele, consider wearing to a festival in 2016? Keep reading to find out and shop from Cher Coulter's top festival fashion tips…

"So you can run around! I'd suggest white simple tennis style shoes, ideally the Isabel Marant pair below. I like how simple and retro it is but comfortable—and I don’t care if it gets dirty in puddles."

"It looks so silly wearing heels on grass. If you really feel you need height, go for a boot with a sturdy block heel like a cowboy style."

"Choose a great sweatshirt for those chilly nights. Get it oversize and maybe tear off the hem or do something to deconstruct it and add your own twist. If you can’t afford Vetements, then go for classic skate brand like Thrasher. Alternatively, you could try and find a vintage '80s one."

"Done, done and done. Too obvious and therefore now a cliché—also, they never feel quite right at a rainy UK festival!"


"I want to see silver sparkle, sequins, foil—basically anything metallic—to bring the party to the field and reflect in the (let's hope) sunshine. Silver shorts and pants look über cool with white, so pack a couple of plain tees and go."

"Fringing is so done it's now totally dead. I'm sorry to report but it's actually quite old fashioned, a bit try-hard and totally impractical. This is not the sixties!"

Do you agree with Cher's advice? Let us know in the comments box below!

Opening Image: Getty/Emma McIntyre

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