Payday Power: 16 Buys That Look Extra Expensive but Aren't

What to buy under £100? It's a question we often get asked, especially around payday. You want to allow yourself a splurge without being silly, but then that kind of pressure can lead to either purchasing something entirely useless on a whim or not getting anything at all (sacrilege!). So, this is where we step in to offer up a bit of guidance.

There are no set rules about which items work under this price point and which items don't, it's more about cherry-picking clever pieces that look expensive even if they really aren't. A statement accessory can be worn a million-and-one ways, but it also well worth considering elevated, updated staples—like a lace-up bodysuit to replace all of your other trusted jersey tops… for the time being, at least.

We trawled the stores so you don't have to, uncovering the very best pieces you can snap up for under £100 today. Go through the gallery to shop these beauties…