The Real Reason I Always Buy New Clothes on Holiday

I always pack light. Why? Well, throughout the summer period we're constantly thwacked over the head with boho and artisanal buys, but nothing, IMHO, beats buying the genuine thing when you actually go on holiday. In fact, aside from excess amounts of bathing on the beach, my number one priority is getting to the local shopping scene and soaking up some sartorial culture. Take one look at any Greek island–hopping fashion girl this summer and you'll find the same story: She'll be flaunting her authentic Grecian leather sandals (that were no doubt bought at a far more favourable price than back at home).

One of our favourite girls who knows the power of a well-timed holiday purchase is Fashion Me Now's Lucy Williams. She recently stacked up on woven wicker bags to channel her inner Jane Birkin when in Calvi for the island's chic music festival.


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I often opt for really traditional wares—flamenco frills in Spain (and the polka-dot dancing shoes), blue-and-white cheesecloth tunics and maxi dresses in Greece (not to mention the Tinos island–bought skirt printed with Greek urns in the picture above), batik kaftans in Thailand… A good friend of mine, Lily Russo—the founder of resortwear website—always tells tales of the brilliant jewellery she picks up when back home in Puglia, Italy.

It's enough to make you book a last-minute getaway. Or at least go on the hunt for local goods you can buy online—that's where we step in. Check out the authentic vacation buys you can get hold of from your smartphone…

From Thailand:

This has a matching crop top… Just saying.

From Greece:

Okay, so the tan lines suck—but they're such pretty sandals.

From Ukraine:

Mega-bucks, but just so mega.

What do you love buying on holiday? Shout out in the comments box below, and be sure to check this packing list before you go anywhere.

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