The 1 Purchase You Should Make Next, According to Your Age

Dressing stylishly as you progress through the seasons of life can be tricky business. As your body and style preferences change, it's a challenge to successfully strike the balance between being so-called age "appropriate" and stylish. 

We asked resident stylist Marissa Webb to sound off on what items women of each decade should be adding to their closets this season, and she had some amazing ideas.

"This is a hard question to answer, since so many factors help determine what's right for you," Webb explains. "It's very personal and unique to each of our lifestyles, so it's important to be able to see these as lifestyle suggestions rather then pegging yourself in by age, which is nothing but a number anyway!"

Keep scrolling to see Marissa Webb's pick for each age group!

Interview Outfit Staples

"This is the time that most women are figuring out their career paths. Make sure to have the right outfit that makes you feel invincible when you walk into that interview. It's not always 'the suit,' since not all careers require that. It might be the perfect dress, styled in different ways, that represents you best. Think about what you want, where you want to go, and find the outfit that conveys that message the best."

The Power Blazer

"We have a lot going on in our 30s. The power blazer is important to have in your wardrobe; it's one of those items we can style in so many ways and for many different occasions. Classic black is what usually comes to mind for most of us, but it's important to look at your lifestyle and surroundings to select the colour, fit, and style that adapt to your life and wardrobe. The key is that it goes with items you already have; you shouldn't have to build a new wardrobe around the blazer—the blazer should enhance your current wardrobe."

Chic, Comfortable Shoes

"With our busy lives, we don't always have time to put a ton of thought into our outfits. Beautiful flats that allow you to be on the run should be on top of the list. Items that are grab, go, comfortable, and fashionable will most likely become your go-tos."

An Investment Bag

"Splurge on the bag. Most of us carry one every day, and accessories are an important tool in taking our look from ordinary to interesting. Make sure it's one that can hold all the items you usually carry around with you. Even if you're headed to the office, don't take 'office' so literally. Select one that gives you a little extra edge."

A Long, Belted Trench

"The belted long trench is a timeless item, and its versatility is unquestionable. It's perfect to polish off a casual outfit to run out for a quick errand, easy to style with longer dresses or skirts, and an item the women in your life will want to borrow forever."

A Woven Button-Front Shirt

"Some of the most fashionable women I know are in their 70s and up. The one item they all have in common is the woven button-front shirt. With the right fit and paired with your favourite jewellery, it can make a simple pencil skirt, jeans, or chinos look so elegant."

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