Phew: Here's How to Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Walking the line between buying your bridesmaids something you can afford and said gift feeling entirely sentimental—as well as simultaneously tapping into their tastes—is no easy feat. It can be tough choosing the right thing for the girl or girls who have been through every Pinterest-inspo meltdown or indecisive dress moment. They deserve something lovely. So to give brides one less thing to tick off the list, we've done the legwork and pinpointed 14 great pieces that are ready to be wrapped up with a bow of your choice: From the ultra-pretty jewellery that your pal can stack in her unique way, through to something wackier like her own portable record player (in pink, of course!).

Click through the gallery below to see our top bridesmaids picks. 

Do you know which one your BFF would like the most? Let us know in the comments box below…

Opening Image: Shot by Gio

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