15 Things You Should Never Let Your Guy Wear

Listen, we love our men. But we also know that—from time to time—they can be a wee bit, um, sartorially challenged. Anyone who’s ever dated a man who, for some reason or another, found it appropriate to wear flip-flops in a public, non-beach zone understands this fact thoroughly.

But we’ll give them credit—men’s fashion can be a challenging world to navigate, in part because, on the surface, there don’t seem to be a ton of options from which to choose. But this just isn’t true; guys have a slew of choices when it comes to their style. And we’re here to help.

Scroll down for 15 things you should never let your man wear, plus 30 stylish alternatives to shop now!

Your guy might put up a fight when you tell him he has to sacrifice is long-beloved, huge, pocketed friends. But this is a battle that you must start, and you must win. The cargo shorts must go.

Try instead: A pair of well-fitting chino shorts for work or play.

J.Crew Stanton Shorts ($75)

We love the subtle print on these chinos.

Levi's Chino Shorts ($40)

If subtlety's not really your man's strong suit, go with these.

This should just never happen.

Try instead: An all-occasion tote or stylish backpack.

Ben Minkoff Brody Slim Briefcase ($325)

The man bag, taken to new heights.

A stylish man would never be caught out and about wearing flip-flops. There are only two places where the casual sandal is acceptable: inside the house and at the beach. Otherwise, no.

Álvaro Leather Sandals ($400)

Once your man slips his feet into these sandals, he'll never turn back.

Bottega Veneta Leather Sandals ($680)

Edgy and casual, at the same damn time.

There’s something so very sad about a man in a suit that doesn’t fit. A suit should be comfortable, have a slim fit, and make your man look sexier than he’s ever looked. Trust us, it’s worth the investment.

Try instead: A streamlined suit, preferably one that's cut-to-fit.

Acne Studios Grey Drifter Slim-Fit Wool Suit ($860)

We dare you to find a man who wouldn't look amazing in this suit. We dare you.

J.Crew Slim-Fit Suit ($550)

The lighter grey wash of this suit is easy to dress up or down.

Past the age of, say, 20, a man should not be wearing ironic T-shirts. A woman can only take so many sartorial references to juvenile catch phrases du jour.

Try instead: A cute T-shirt in a wistful print.

Band of Outsiders Paneled Tee ($135)

Every man needs a BOO T-shirt in his closet.

Burberry Slim-Fit Printed Shirt ($295)

We can all thank Pharrell for making short-sleeved button-ups a legitimate thing.

Unless your man is actively on a field kicking a ball around, he should not be wearing a jersey. No, not even when the [insert favourite team here] are playing.

Billy Reid Pensacola Pocket Polo ($88)

The slimmer cut of this polo makes sure he cleans up well.

Burberry Cotton-Piqué Polo Shirt ($150)

A crisp white polo is a must in every stylish man's wardrobe.

Unless his last name is Depp or Carter, your man should not be wearing necklaces of any sort.

Cause and Effect Leather Double Wrap Cuff ($60)

We love the clasp on this leather wrap cuff.

Miansai Metal Cuff ($225)

There's a reason everyone is wearing this cuff. Because it rules.

There is perhaps nothing worse than a man in jeans slung so low his underwear is showing. And we didn’t need Cher Horowitz to tell us so.

Try instead: A pair of perfectly-fitting jeans in a distressed wash.

Levi's 1967 505 Regular-Fit Washed Selvedge Jeans ($295)

When a man's denim game is strong, there's not much else you need.

Only mob bosses and drug lords should be wearing pinky rings. If your man is either of these things, you’ve got bigger problems than bad jewellery choices.

Try instead: Cologne, nothing at all, or a very subtle bracelet.

Lanvin Bold and Bead Metal Bracelet ($420)

How cool is this cuff? We want to borrow this one, too.

The slightly cooler cousin of saggy jeans is the too-tight pair of skinny jeans. Except the too-tight skinny jeans are almost worse, because they make your man look like he’s trying way too hard.

Try instead: A pair of skinnies that actually fit appropriately.

Acne Studios Ace Dry-Denim Jeans ($220)

Trust us, you'll love your man in these white jeans.

Saint Laurent Slim-Fit Black Denim Jeans ($475)

The other side of the coin: every man needs a solid pair of black skinny jeans hanging in his closet at all times.

Unless he’s out in the woods, doing manly things like chopping wood, a man should never wear overalls. We literally cannot think of one occasion when they would be appropriate—because there isn’t one.

Try instead: A pair of wear-them-forever jeans.

Jean Shop Slim-Fit Rinsed Jeans ($260)

The slightly shimmery finish to these jeans will look even better after a couple washes.


J Brand Mick Garment Dyed Skinny Jeans ($185)

Normally, we'd vote against coloured denim for men, but there's something alluring about these.

This is a rather tricky, albeit in vogue, lady trend as of late—but on dudes it just reads more normcore and, frankly, it's not cute.

Try instead: A pair of casual (but stylish) sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers ($45)

Man's best friend: a classic pair of Chuck Taylors.

Steve Urkel. Chandler Bing. Need we say more?

Try instead: A classic sweater great for all occasions.

Acne Studios Hydra O Sweater ($220)

This sweater is the perfect opportunity to teach your man that mustard isn't just a condiment.

Hentsch Man Ribbed Wool-Blend Sweater ($220)

A great heather grey sweater is such a stylish wardrobe staple!

A thick necktie is abominable—it makes a man look older than he is, and incredibly outdated. It’s all about the skinny tie—they look sleek, sharp, and modern.

Try instead: A skinny tie in a daring colour or print.

Brioni Reversible Silk and Cashmere Tie ($215)

The oxblood shade of this tie is just gorgeous.

Etro Gingham Tie ($165)

You can't go wrong with a gingham print, guys.

Glasses with transition lenses are perhaps your man’s quickest route to looking way older and (less cool) than he actually is. And no, their practicality doesn’t make up for their general terribleness.

Try instead: A classic pair of sunnies or a cute pair of spectacles.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters ($175)

An iconic set of clubmasters: yes, yes, yes.

Warby Parker Percey Striped Sassafras Glasses ($95)

Nerdy chic, here you come!

Does your man ever wear things that make you shudder? Sound off in the comments below!