A Real Girl's Guide to Tailoring: What's Worth It (and What to Skip)

If there's one trick many well-dressed women keep up their exquisitely hemmed sleeves, it's tailoring. While ready-to-wear pieces are technically ready to be worn (duh), getting your go-to pieces tailored can make a world of difference. More than fixing small rips or slippery straps, a great tailor knows exactly how to fit everything from jeans to ball gowns exactly to your frame.

But since the idea of sending out your entire wardrobe may seem to be a bit much, we enlisted the help of tailoring expert and custom designer Kiya Tomlin to break down what’s really necessary. From what to look for in a good tailor, to the right way to nip and tuck your go-to items, Tomlin makes the art of tailoring simple.

Read on for her tips, and to shop the staples to consider tailoring yourself!