The Shoe Styles That Are In and Out This Fall

WIth so many fall trends to keep up with, it can admittedly be challenging to know which ones are the ones you should be heeding. Well, just think of us as your safari guides, leading you through the thick brush of the fashion jungle with the greatest of ease—we're here to help.

We enlisted the help of some of our fashion friends to help you decipher which that most important of questions this fall: Which shoes should I wear? They gave us the scoop on which shoe trends are going to be huge this fall, and which ones are going to fall by the wayside. Consider this your mandatory footwear reading this season.

Keep scrolling to learn which shoe styles are in and out this fall, according to the experts!


"The stocking over-the-knee boot is definitely the boot of the season," Weitzman urges. "It can be both sexy and cool when worn effortlessly with shorts, miniskirts, and skinny jeans. The thick block heel on an ankle bootie gives a fresh new look to the silhouette, and the platform’s popularity has been rising over the past few seasons, and it reaches new heights this fall." However, "leave your skinny high heels and boots and moccasins in your closet!" 

"The sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere," Madden tells us. "We are going to see them everywhere. The same with chunky bottoms and combat boots. Rhinestones aren’t as big of a deal anymore. Everyone is going for a more casual look."

“Sensible booties that are slightly retro and mod in feel are definitely in," Tapia tells us. "Vampy, super-pointy stilettos are out. It's not about in-your-face sex appeal right now. It's about subdued sexy."

"Over-the-knee boots and pumps with subversive accents are in this season," Law tells us. "One of our key themes this season is 'lady punk,' which combines classic feminine silhouettes with goth- and punk-influenced detailing. It's all about dark and sexy vibes."

"Loving deconstructed shoes, whether oxfords, safari-inspired desert boots, or distressed rock 'n' roll cowboy–esque boots," Key says. "Dusty, worn, and dirty! And I'm over the heavy lug soles."

"Fringe is trending big for fall. It brings a playful, bohemian twist to classic boot silhouettes," Fisher says. "It makes getting dressed so easy: pair fringe boots with a chunky sweater and jeans to instantly update your look."

"A classic riding boot seems to be down-trending this fall," she adds. "These tailored tall shaft boots also don’t complement the apparel trends that are strong, whereas blocky heels, booties, and over-the-knee statement boots seem to be much more relevant."

"Man-tailored detailing is a key trend this fall," Fisher tells us. "This can be translated into different categories, from dress flats to oxfords and even booties. Very dressy stiletto boots are out this season, as women seem to be gravitating toward casual styles and more wearable block heels."

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