The Truth Behind Great Personal Style, as Told by 6 Incredibly Stylish Women

Introducing Fenn O’Meally, the filmmaker, presenter, journalist and all-round awesome London girl who will be bringing you a visual feast each month as she explores Who What Wear’s current themes in the best way she knows how—via her beautifully shot and utterly charming videos. Fenn’s happy demeanour, fun fashion outlook and ability to tease out the most intriguing and cheeky sides of anyone in this business mean she’s producing some of the most exciting content around. Stay tuned.

First up, for March, we set Fenn the task of delving into the world of personal style because spring for us is all about shaking off the old metaphorical and literal clothing layers and getting back to business. Having fashion credibility is not about newness but about returning to who you really are, and Fenn has impeccable taste without ever looking like any outfit is ever too much effort—our kind of girl—so we weren't surprised by the impressive group of women she assembled for her debut video for us.

From 72-year-old model Jan de Villeneuve (a huge name in the '60s, for those of you yet to be acquainted with her) through rising fashion stars like designer Sandy Liang and photographer Emma Breschi, these women all share a love for getting dressed and a firm belief that anyone out there can achieve their own personal style goals. "I took a fair few things home with me from this shoot," Fenn says. "From Jan's data on the miniskirt to Emma's fascination with the computer game Red Dead Redemption—this shoot reminded me that style really is dictated by the wearer. If they truly believe what they are wearing is stylish, it'll show. And in any case, who are we to say it's not?"

Watch O'Meally's exclusive video on style below.

We can't wait to see how this boosts your personal style confidence—use the hashtag #WentOutLikeThis on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our favourite outfits gallery.

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