What to Never Wear on a Plane, From a Flight Attendant

Despite how much we covet celebrity airport style, it's not always so easy to copy when it comes time to fly ourselves. Stilettos and high-waisted leather trousers look great in paparazzi shots of stars strutting through airport terminals, yet in action, these statement-making ensembles can prove a bit trickier. And though we'd all love to look our best when hitting the skies, certain wardrobe pieces are best left in our checked bag or carry-on. Who better to inform us on what to never wear on a plane—and what to wear instead—than someone who works at 35,000 feet? We reached out to American Airlines flight attendant Andrea Fischbach to spill her list of things you shouldn't wear when flying—for the sake of comfort, practicality, and safety—as well as her recommendations for what you should wear instead. Keep scrolling to see what a flight attendant says to never wear on a plane.