7 Items Our Editors Would Never Buy From H&M

I don't want to speak on behalf of my colleagues, but I think it's safe to say that H&M is one of our favourite high-street brands, and we know the same goes for you. It's one of the most-clicked stores we feature, so we've made a conscious effort to cater to your H&M appetite with our expensive-looking edits and is-it-worth-it roundups. Today, however, we thought we'd approach the subject of H&M a little differently. 

No brand is perfect, and certain stores do specific pieces better than others. We've already chronicled such thoughts on Zara, but now, we've decided to reveal which items we avoid buying from H&M in favour of other shopping outlets. 

Janelle Marie Lloyd wears a shacket from H&M. 

We're not in the business of being negative for no reason, and we certainly aren't saying you shouldn't buy these pieces at H&M. Chances are, in fact, that the items our editors prefer to pass on might be your favourites from all that H&M has to offer. And that's okay. We just thought it might make for an interesting read to discover what our editors avoid when browsing H&M's rails. Each has their own preferences, with some completely disagreeing with their colleagues, which we're all for—that's what happens when you run a fashion democracy. So without further ado, here's what not to buy from H&M, as told by our editors, who know their way around its website and shop floor like the backs of their hands. 

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief 

Would never buy from H&M: Synthetic knits
Love to buy from H&M: Cotton separates

"Any synthetic knits on the high street (or designer TBH) can bobble easily and look cheap or misshapen quickly, not to mention they aren't the healthiest for the skin in terms of breathability. Cotton knits or more sustainable summer fabrics (like the recycled-polyester options) from H&M are great. I avoid anything that's heavily acrylic (for example) when the colder months hit in favour of wool compositions." 

Maxine Eggenberger, Acting Assistant Editor 

Would never buy from H&M: Divided collection
Love to buy from H&M: Blazers

"Like most high-street brands, H&M has different product categories that vary in aesthetic and cost. Personally, I always make sure I swerve on pieces from its Divided collection (identifiable by its black label), as I find they tend to be made from cheaper fabrics, while the designs skew to a younger audience. Having said that, I think H&M's blazer offering is second to none on the affordable-shopping circuit. I have a handful already, which I doubt cost me more than £35, and I can honestly say they look as good and last as well as blazers four times that price."

What not to buy from H&M: @remyfarrell



Would never buy from H&M: Shoes
Love to buy from H&M: Midi Dresses

"I have been genetically blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a very generous shoe size, and I can struggle to buy shoes on the high street. Instead of squeezing my feet into the styles that I love but I know simply won't fit, I have a couple of shops that are my reliable go-tos for different things. If I'm in need of a dress for any occasion, I start at H&M. Not only are the dresses always affordable (but look more expensive), but they're the ones I always get complimented on, too. Whether printed, cut-out or bold, block colour, I know its dresses are always going to be a winner."

Emily Dawes, Affiliate Editor 

What not to buy from H&M: @emilyjdawes



Would never buy from H&M: Dresses
Love to buy from H&M: Tailoring

"Controversial, I know, since H&M has probably the largest offering of great dresses on the high street. But I'm just not a dress person myself, and although I do sometimes find the odd elevated minimalist style there, I just can't get on board with all the fussy printed styles that seem to date quite quickly. Sue me! For affordable, relaxed tailoring that looks much more expensive than it is, I always head to H&M. From stylish oversized blazers to the perfect wide-leg trousers, you really can't go wrong." 

Joy Ejaria, Social Media Editor

What not to buy from H&M: @joyfuljoyous1



Would never buy from H&M: Shoes
Love to buy from H&M: Basics

"Like Remy, you won't find me wearing H&M shoes any time soon—the brand just isn't known for producing the best on the high street. I’ve never felt the urge to venture in-store to check out the shoe section, nor has anyone told me they’ve bought a pair from there. That's not to say there aren't pieces H&M does incredibly well; in fact, H&M is my go-to for all things basics. Vests, T-shirts, simple dresses—they’re such good pieces at a very affordable price, too."

What not to buy from H&M: @remiafolabi



Would never buy from H&M: Jeans
Love to buy from H&M: Shirts

"Jeans from H&M aren’t my cup of tea, and it all boils down to the general fit and sizing for me. I always end up returning any pair I buy, as they just don’t work with my body shape. It’s a shame, as the brand does have really nice styles! H&M is definitely my go-to, however, for long-sleeve button-down shirts. I especially love its oversized options. You can always a find them in a variety of interesting materials, too."

Rebecca Rhys-Evans, Branded Content Editor

Would never buy from H&M: White T-shirts
Love to buy from H&M: Sportswear

"There is truly nothing sadder in this (fashion) world than a cheap-looking white T-shirt. The lifeless little sag of a limp crew-neck collar. The way they're accidentally just a tad too transparent. The fact they stick to bits of you they shouldn't. And why do they appear grey after just one wash? Frankly, nothing infuriates me more, because I know for a few quid more, you can get a Uniqlo or Arket one that looks fresher and thicker and holds its shape (and colour) for much longer. I have, however, been an H&M sportswear stan for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I wonder whether my ability to muster the energy to go to the gym is because I love the way my butt looks in the brand’s leggings. Full disclosure: They're very affordable and therefore not the best for performance and breathability, but I love that its sport bras actually give great support and the way I feel like Hailey Bieber whenever I wear its cycling shorts for a coffee run."