8 Hilarious Quotes From Men on the Ever-Polarising Sheepskin Boots

Here at Who What Wear UK, we are firm believers that women should dress for themselves. However, sometimes it is rather interesting—and amusing—to hear the opinion of the opposite sex when it comes to trends and those kinds of divisive items that many would deem as "man repellers." We have already crowdsourced what a handful of men think about mom jeans, and now our next controversial piece under the spotlight is shearling boots.

Those snuggly, don't-want-to-take-them-off Ugg boots really are the marmite of the style world—while a group of hardcore shearling lovers will never give them up, in terms of high-fashion circles, they're in favour one minute and then out the next. They were the height of cool thanks to Sienna Miller and Kate Moss in the early '00s, but the tipping point was reached, and they lost their posh edge. They've experienced a recent boost into the limelight again and have been worn by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, thanks in part to a chic makeover with the launch of the Classic II.

So while we might be coming around to the idea of Uggs again—and they're certainly on the agenda for our Christmas lounging attire—what do men really think of them? While our friends/dads/brothers could never stop us from wearing a pair of shoes, their rather hilarious fashion insights are worth a chuckle or two.

Read below for what a selection of men think about shearling boots—and be warned: They can be brutal…

ugg boots



"It makes sense to sacrifice style if the weather is below, say, -15°C and you need to stop your toes from dropping off, but it's rare that the temperatures are anywhere near that in the UK, and you can't help but look at any woman or man who has gone beyond their front door matt in them and think, You've given up on life, haven't you?" — Phil

"These boots are a curse to a girl's posture—and her style. They were conceived as loungewear and should stay very firmly in the house. I know they may keep those toes toasty in the winter months, but they are hands down the least attractive shoe in the land after the Croc." — Josh

"They aren't the most attractive type of shoe, but who really cares? If it was more socially acceptable for men to wear fluffy duvets on their feet, I'd definitely be doing it." — Ernest

"I grew up in New Zealand, where this kind of sheepskin boot is a staple part of anyone's closet; for example, they are indoor slippers or used when milking the cows! Not for everyday use, they are about as sexy as a guy wearing capri pants!" — Carl

"Unless you're a supermodel (like Rosie) then you probably shouldn't wear them outside. If you do, then in winter only as summer + shearling = sweaty feet." — Martin

ugg boots



"As long as they haven't lost their shape too much, I don't see what's wrong with them. They look good with a pair of jeans, especially on a ski hol." — David

"They're a bit '00s footballers wives, aren't they?" — Matt

"A new pair of these on women look all right. However, after a week or so, women look like look like they've trampled through a forest, walking only on the inside of their foot." — Scott

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Opening Image: Isabella Thordsen

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