Must-Read: Men Talk About What They Think of Maxi Dresses

Pretty much every woman, without exception, is a fan of wearing a maxi dress from time to time. Whether you're just going out to run errands or dressing up for an evening out, the garment seems to consistently be one of the most versatile in any woman's wardrobe. The fashion world isn't quite over them yet either: The maxi dress is still trending strongly on runways, street style stars, and celebrities alike.

We recently became quite curious to hear what real men think of an item so beloved among women far and wide. So we reached out to a gaggle of guys, showed them some photos of ladies in maxi dresses, and asked them to give their unfiltered thoughts. As per usual, they didn't disappoint.

Keep scrolling to find out what real men think of all those maxi dresses we love to wear!

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