Introducing "Aunt Pants," AKA the Trousers So Many Guys Seem to Hate

Culottes: They're a surprisingly divisive item. While most of my female friends love them (okay, there are a handful who think they're just downright bizarre, and one even goes so far as to deem them "bananas"), most men I know just don't get them. It's at this point when I feel I should point out that caring what men think about how you dress isn't important, and it doesn't have to inform your wardrobe, by any means. However, it's interesting (not to mention LOL-inducing) to discover that the one item in your wardrobe you believe is really comfortable and chic just, well, confuses so many of them.


Style du Monde

To prove my point, I spoke to my husband and male friends and asked my colleagues to speak to the men in their lives about what they thought. Was I going mad? Could so many people really not understand the wonder and magic of such a flattering, easy fashion invention? There were some hilarious replies, with one saying that her ex-boyfriend used to call them "aunt pants," as they're the kind of attire only a wacky auntie would wear. Apparently. (Note: Erm, what's wrong with that?) Below, you will find a selection of amusing comments. Just remember that you can wear these and not care what men, or women, or your cat thinks; instead, have a little chuckle about how confusing they find them. Keep scrolling to see what men think about culottes, plsu our responses to their emotions and some current styles you can shop right right now…