What Men REALLY Think About Your Sparkly New Year's Eve Dress

It's always best to dress for yourself and honour your personal preferences. But just because you shouldn't censor your style on behalf of men doesn't mean it's not still fun to know what the opposite sex really thinks about certain trends. Since New Year's Eve is nothing if not the night of sparkly, sequined dresses (as it should be), we polled real men for their thoughts on dressing like a disco ball. Their very interesting thoughts on your dazzling dress, ahead! 

"Girl, I bet that dress attracts cheesy pickup lines." —Noah, 32

“The problem with NYE is that the hype almost always overshadows the actual celebration, and almost inevitably, there's some sort of disaster or letdown. The overwhelming emphasis on having a next-level outfit creates additional pressure. And quite frankly, I don't believe that the shiny, sequined, sparkly dress rises to the occasion. Ostentatiousness does not equal greatness. Real talk, I think that some people think that the sequined NYE dress is going to become a classic standard, like the Little Black Dress. And while everyone looks great in black, not everybody looks great in a sparkly dress. A classic has to be great from the jump off; it can't be willed into existence. I believe a great New Year’s Eve outfit should be a logical extension of a person's existing wardrobe, not an outlier. To clarify, I don't hate the shiny, sequined, sparkly dress. I just don't think that wearing it guarantees a "win" on the last and first big night of the year.” Patrick, 30

"There's only room for one disco ball on New Year's Eve, and it should be hanging from the ceiling. " —Jake, 40

"Don't reflect away the beauty. You don't see the person in the dress, you just see the dress." —Farley, 35 

"To be quite honest if the girl looks good in the dress and she wants to be wearing it, what's there to complain about? I find nothing offensive about it. There are a lot worse things about New Year's Eve than sparkly dresses. If she wants to be festive, then who am I to make any judgement on it? —Theo, 26 

"The really sparkly dresses tend to be worn by the drunkest girls." —James, 30

"You shouldn't be brighter than the fireworks." —Robin, 34 

"Up until this morning I would have told you I don't like the idea of sparkly dresses. I think it's like a female version of peacocking and I just don't find it to be very stylish. However I was informed this morning that the girl that I will be spending New Year's Eve with will be wearing a sparkly dress, so I'm totally on board and am really looking forward to spending the evening with the sparky dress girl." —Maxwell, 29

"I see a girl in a sparkly dress, and I know that she wants attention." —Alex, 28 

"I say in lieu of a sparkly dress, if you want to wear something sparkly, wear a sparkly...bag. Not the whole dress, it's a little much." —Hap, 40 

"My first thought—very first thought—would be that that person would like attention. My second thought would be that that person would like to evoke a '50s era glam chic that doesn't exist anymore. My third thought would be that maybe that person is very good at sewing work and general seamstressing and that this is her occasion to show off. My fourth thought would be that maybe there's a new marketing campaign that I missed where people want to look like sparkling bullseyes, and I just missed it. Or that maybe I've been drinking too much and I am a human shark who can only see shiny things. But if they nail it, that would be super cool, and hat's off to them, because they just made me think ten thoughts without even saying a word. " —Justin, 29. 

Will you be wearing a sparkly dress this New Year’s Eve? Tell us below.