Should Kanye West Take Notes from The Olsens?

Kanye West may be everywhere, but that doesn't mean everyone approves. His newest collection for Adidas debuted at New York Fashion Week to much fanfair and an equal amount of criticism, which seems to be the usual reaction to all things Mr. West. As the notorious critic Cathy Horyn summed up for The Cut: "He is an amazing performer, but his merits as a designer are still in doubt." So will he ever cut a break when it comes to fashion? Well, Time's pop culture writer Brian Moylan thinks he has a chance, with one caveat: He needs to give up music altogether. 

Moylan thinks of this as the Olsens route, à la Mary Kate and Ashley who gave up acting in 2006 to focus full-time on building up their fashion credibility. As we know, it paid off, with the girls winning the CFDA award for Best Accessories Designer of the Year in 2014, and their designs for The Row being lauded by the industry at large. Moylan argues, "By keeping a low profile and showing the fashion world that it has their undivided attention the Olsens have not only honed their skills, but they’ve also paid their dues, something Kanye doesn’t want to do."

It's a compelling pointperhaps we would take Kanye more seriously if fashion became his sole focus, rather than the side hustle he dips in and out of. But would his winning over the fashion elite be worth the sacrifice of his groundbreaking music? I'm not so sure.

What would you like to see Kanye do? Read the full article here and share your thoughts in the comments!

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