Everything You Need for a Complete Summer Wardrobe, According to Your Style Type

There are many urban myths and stereotypes that shroud the fashion industry in mystery, and thankfully, I can say that 90% of them are unfounded. However, one thing I cannot deny is that fashion girls love to form tribes—and by this I don't mean a "You can't sit with us" Mean Girls situation, but more of an organic grouping of people that possess a shared proclivity towards a certain style. Who says social media is killing community?

While there are certainly fashion types that transcend the seasons—think minimalists, vintage hunters, print-loving extroverts, etc.—on a micro scale, there's another natural selection process underway. Of course, it's the designers and fashion buyers who ultimately become the conductors of this seasonal grouping. For example, e-commerce site Matchesfashion.com selects its seasonal collections according to six muses: The Fashion Pioneer, The Warrior, The Free Spirit, The Curator, The Romantic and The Purist. We've become a community that can't help but move in packs—just look at fashion week street style.

So what fashion girl gangs should we expect to see in 2019? It seems as though, more so than previous years, there are five clear personalities emerging. The list is by no means prescriptive but, to me, they have the most clear identities amongst the many aesthetics proliferating right now. From the dad-dressing minimalists to the pearl-loving women of the Upper East Side, scroll down to see the style personalities that are dominating this year.

The Dad-Dressing Minimalists

Style Notes: Out of the ashes of the winter's ugly trends has emerged an unexpected aesthetic. It's practical, it's pared-back, and your dad's going to love it. The 2019 dad dressers are all about the velcro sandals, boxy shirts and khaki shorts. Their ultimate style muse is Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love, and don't you dare try to get them into a floral dress. 

The Upper East Side Girls

What is your style personality 2019: Nnenna Echem



Style Notes: Blair Waldorf called, and she wants her pearls back. We're venturing into Gossip Girl (or Bunny from Sex and The City) territory with this prim and proper trend: From tweed jackets to pleated midi skirts, these pieces might look a little fussy by themselves, but you can trust that this girl gang knows how to make them look modern. The key is plenty of denim and the odd pop of colour. 

The Kid's Party Crashers

Style Notes: Prepare to be dosed up on e-numbers and blinded by garish decorations, because these girls are dressing like they're going to a kid's party, and are somehow making it look unbelievably casual. Mary Janes? Check. Tulle smock dresses? Check. Puff Sleeves? Naturally. You know the drill: More is more.

The '90s Sitcom Stars

Style Notes: Thanks to Friends returning to our screens via Netflix, we've been taking a trip down memory lane with trends of decades past—most notably the gems of the '90s. The likes of Reese Blutstein have been donning their slip dresses and digging out their crop tops like Rachel and Monica, but the key is to layer loose silhouettes in order to balance out the essential strappy sandals.

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