Find Out Your Real Body Shape in 3 Questions or Less

When Olivia Palermo recently revealed that in her opinion, the biggest fashion faux pas is not dressing appropriately for your shape, we immediately paused for a moment of self-reflection: Are we dressing in the most flattering way for our body shapes? And, first and foremost really, what exactly are our body shapes? We figured we’d start at the beginning, and address the first necessary query with an easy infographic that will help anyone identify her body shape in three questions or less. Keep in mind that no matter your size, you can have any of the below five body shapes; it’s more about how your weight (whatever it may be) is distributed.

Scroll down to find out your true body shape, and then keep scrolling to shop the most flattering piece for your figure.

Your figure: Your silhouette is fairly straight up and down.
The piece that looks amazing on you: Skirt with volume-increasing details like ruffles or embellishment.
Why: It fills out your slight hips and balances your upper body.

H&M Skirt With Fringe ($35)

Your figure: You usually have thin, shapely legs, and carry weight around your stomach.
The piece that looks amazing on you: Drop-waist dress.
Why: It bypasses any tight fabric around the stomach and narrows at your hips, which makes your torso appear longer and leaner.

Paul & Joe Angeac Embroidered Silk-Crepe Dress ($695)

Your figure: Also commonly referred to as a pear—you have a thinner upper body, and carry more weight around your hips and thighs.
The piece that looks amazing on you: Fit and flare dress.
Why: It will show off how little you are on top, and is roomier from the waist down for your curvier bottom half.

Self-Portrait Graciella Paneled Floral Lace and Mesh Mini Dress ($640)

Your figure: You have broad shoulders, and are fairly straight between your waist and hips. 
The piece that looks amazing on you: Fitted jackets with a nipped-in waist and a flared bottom.
Why: The defined waist and flare over your hips helps create the illusion of lower-body curves and will help balance out your broad shoulders.

Étoile Isabel Marant Glenn Striped Bouclé Jacket ($470)

Your figure: You have a small waist, curvier thighs, and a full bust. 
The piece that looks amazing on you: Wrap tops.
Why: They accentuate your waist, and enhance your hourglass figure.

Reformation Sally Top ($128)

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