Why a Daily Uniform Might Be Better for Your Health

When it comes to our wardrobes, we’re big on “less is more” here at Who What Wear. Although we love clothes, we also don’t want them to overwhelm us—having an overflowing closet tends to result in stressful mornings and a final look that screams “confused.” So we’re always working away from this, aiming to get rid of anything excessive and honing in on the essentials that we’ll wear most.

But, as you know, this is easier said than done, given that cleaning out our closets brings with it a lot of emotional baggage and second-guessing. A recent article on CNN, however, hints that holding on to our bursting wardrobes could literally be bad for us, affecting our health and overall happiness. Speaking to neuroscientist and psychologist Daniel Levitin, it highlights how too many choices might be contributing to our stress levels and decreasing our brainpower. Could uniform dressing, then, help us avoid this?

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