What Is the Bambi Pose Taking Over Your Instagram Feed?

There are certain trends that seem to sweep over Instagram, saturating your feed for some time before being replaced by the next big thing. For fashion girls, particular poses have a way of exploding in popularity, with seemingly everyone following suit. You're likely already familiar with the pose everyone is Instagramming right now but just haven't been introduced to its name. The Bambi pose—yes, like the Disney character—is that thing you've been seeing all over Instagram.

What is the Bambi pose? Let us break it down in layman's terms. The Bambi pose is a particular way of sitting, thighs over calves. As a gamut of influencers and fashion girls have demonstrated on their profiles, the Bambi pose is best accompanied by an arched back and sometimes even taken up a notch with a playful hand gesture or even a hair flip. Our field research suggests that most Bambi poses are performed in swimsuits—explaining why it's become the look of summer 2017—but some have even adopted the particular style of repose while clothed, like Bella Hadid for Porter magazine.

Hadid is a particular proponent of the pose—see her many demonstrations below, and never wonder what the Bambi pose is again.

Next up, how to pose in your summer event pictures like a pro.

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