What Guys Really Like Girls to Wear? It's Not What You'd Expect

When I asked my male friends on Facebook and WhatsApp to tell me the items of clothing they loved on women, I never expected there to be such common (and somewhat unexpected) themes. I mean, they're all different people with different tastes. The only thing that connects them is that they're the same gender and that they're good at responding to a deadline (hallelujah on the latter).

Now, before you read any further, I would like to acknowledge one massive caveat: You should always, always dress for yourself—no one else. So instead of using this as a guideline for "how to dress according to men in order to attract men," take this as an interesting delve into their minds and find out what they think about our fashion choices.

What guys like girls to wear


The Style Stalker

Six key pieces cropped up again and again, and as such, I thought they were definitely worth sharing, so keep scrolling to uncover the mystery behind what guys like girls to wear.

#1: simple tops

This was by far the most common reply to my message. From grey T-shirts to a plain black off-the-shoulder fitted top or even a simple white vest, this proved to be the most popular top and item in a woman's wardrobe, according to men.

What guys like girls to wear: Simple tops


Style du Monde

A great quality tee that will last. 

#2: A leather jacket

The leather jacket is a wardrobe classic, but men also liked seeing it on women too. 

What guys like girls to wear: A leather jacket


Style du Monde

One of our favourite brands just brought out the perfect leather jacket

#3: Formal dress

Unsurprisingly, many replied that they liked black-tie dresses. While none said they liked the body-con look, a smart dress in blue or black was a total winner.

What guys like girls to wear: Formal dress


Style du Monde

Topshop has great dress offerings right now. 

#4: Designer shoes

Now, this is one I wasn't expecting, but there were a few who replied they liked their partner's/friend's bold shoe choices. One said he liked her Vivienne Westwood flats and another revealed that the Swedish Hasbeens were his favourites. All of which led me to the conclusion that bright shoes are a good thing to stock in your wardrobe.

What guys like girls to wear: Designer shoes


Style du Monde

Everyone in the Who What Wear office is after a pair of Prada mules right now.

#5: Bright Colours 

Yes, leather jackets work, but so do bold jackets. Who knew? Adding to this, one man said he also appreciated his girlfriend's silky bright trousers. So basically, anything bright and colourful goes.

What guys like girls to wear: Bright colours


Style du Monde

Kimonos are everywhere right now and in loads of different colours.

#6: Summer dresses

No, it's not exactly shocking that men like something feminine and floral, but there were a few replies that said they liked floaty dresses, too.

What guys like girls to wear: Summer dresses


Style du Monde

Wear with heels or sneakers. 

Next up, the French fashion tips we rate.

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