This Is What Fashion Week Really Looks Like (Yes, It's That Crazy)

If you imagine fashion week as a glamorous whirlwind of air kisses and billowing chiffon, you'd kind of be right. However, there's another side to the month-long city-hopping extravaganza that can only be summed up in one word: chaos. From arranging the schedules through to being in situ, but actually needing to be in four other locations at the same time, while Snapchatting, writing reports, locating other staff members and not stacking it in 4-inch heels amidst a cyclone of street style photographers who are hunting down their prey… it is, utter, exhausting, crazy, crazy-fun chaos. 

One photographer who has been capturing the madness—by slightly stepping out of it—is Phill Taylor. So for every perfectly composed street style shot you may enjoy, we guarantee there's a story (or five) behind it. From the truly mad (giant furry Fendi mascots on the streets of Milan) to the common-but-still-insane ways fashion-dedicated girls approach the weather (yes, I've witnessed jelly sandals in 24-degrees Celcius at New York Fashion Week), we're taking a moment to show you the other side of the process. The side where hailing a taxi is comparable to climbing Everest, near-death experiences are normal if someone like Kanye West gets out of a limo near you, or where street style stars have been known to change outfits up to (and probably above) 12 times a day, in the back of a van. 

So here's what goes down at Fashion Week—wish us luck and stay posted to get the inside scoop when everything kicks off on September 8.