The Items EVERY Woman in the Fashion Industry Owns

After working in the fashion world for a fair amount of time, you start to notice trends among the women who inhabit it. There are certain items everyone seems to own and wear regularly—and we aren't the only ones who think so.

We enlisted the help of our resident stylist Marissa Webb to help decipher what those universally beloved items are in the fashion industry.

"It's really impossible to speak for every other woman in the fashion industry, of course, but they are a few items I've spotted frequently on many," Webb confided.

Keep scrolling for the items Marissa Webb has spotted on pretty much every woman in the fashion industry!

After all, we spend a lot of time on our feet!

Every fashion girl has a favourite perfume! I usually gravitate toward more-masculine scents.

We all need that perfect cosy trench coat for travel. In my opinion, a longer version is better because there are multiple ways to style it.

We need a go-to third piece like a cashmere sweater, cape, or slouchy blazer for cold days in the office, studio, or aeroplane.

Personally, I love mine for days when I just look exhausted! I stock up on different frame options for diversity.

Nice but functional luggage is important because we spend a lot of time travelling. Luggage that's physically attractive is great, but more importantly, it needs to function properly.

Tumi Small Carry-On Suitcase ($674)

What are your go-to pieces right now? Share below!