A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Every Stage of the Relationship

Between having to worry about your relationship status, your plans, and your outfit, Valentine’s Day is fraught with enough emotions. It’s our stance that you shouldn’t have to worry about the right gift for your date too. Accordingly, we went ahead and culled our best present ideas for every stage of a relationship, whether you’re more in the lacy-thong-phase of your love affair, you’ve progressed to the era of granny panty appreciation, or you’re somewhere in between.

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Whether you met last week or a couple months ago, you’re still very much in the testing-the-waters phase of your relationship. You likely overanalyze everything and are riding a rather fun roller coaster of emotion. You want to show you put a little thought into your gift, but not in an overly creepy, trying-to-force-the-relationship-forward type of way.

Crack Caramel Crack Bar ($12)

So you definitely haven’t said the L-word, but you’ve been dating for a while. Your gift should express how much you like your partner, without venturing into the territory of over-the-top grand gestures.

At this point, most people think of you and your significant other as a unit. He or she is your no-questions-asked wedding date, your +1 to events, and is always there for you. Your gift should show how well you know and love your partner.

For her: A trip to go find her a signature scent together.

Le Labo Discovery Set ($30)

For him: Decanter set and a bottle of his favourite alcohol.

Ours Decanter Set ($98)

You and your partner are in it for the long haul, and the sky’s the limit for thoughtful gifts. At this stage, we find the presents that make the most impact are ones that go above and beyond regular store-bought gifts, whether that means a bracelet engraved with the coordinates of your destination wedding or a custom-fitted shirt with a small, hidden heart embroidered under the placket.

Coordinates Collection Legend Bracelet ($204)

Trumaker Stewart Shirt ($248)

A Trumaker shirt will be made to his measurements.

Mark & Graham Gentlemen’s Pigskin Zip Folio ($165)

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