The Only Colour You Should Wear on Your Tinder Date

Headed on a first date this weekend? Well, you better pay close attention to the colour you're wearing if you want to impress. As ELLE pointed out, British company Buy T-Shirts Online surveyed 1,000 people on the judgments people make based on the colours you wear. Participants were asked whether a certain colour makes them feel confident, if they liked that hue on the opposite sex, and if they recognise arrogance and intelligence with it. The results? Black was the go-to colour for respondents. 

In fact, 66 per cent of women like black on men, and 46 per cent of men like it on women. And of all the colours, black was most associated with intelligence. So it seems only natural to test out black for your Tinder fling this weekend, rather than a traditional "date-appropriate" colour like red.

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Did you think the most popular colour for a date would be black? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!