This Rosie HW– and Zendaya-Approved Hairstyle Is Easier to Do Than You'd Think

When it comes to celeb-inspired beauty looks, we're all in. Whether you want to emulate Hailey Bieber's glazed-doughnut skin or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's immaculate makeup looks, you can count on us for all of the beauty notes. But while it's easy enough to garner insider knowledge on beauty products and expert tips, when it comes to go-to hairstyles, things get a little trickier to copy.

The truth is that big red-carpet blowouts and up-dos take a village. Put simply, we mere mortals don't have the time, money or resources to execute the same level of celebrity hair mastery at home. But there are a few caveats. Take, for example, one of our favourite hair trends of the season: the wet hair look. It's something we see all the time on the red carpet, in magazines and on our IG feeds, but it still hasn't transcended into the category of everyday wear.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Hailey Bieber



Bieber's middle-parted, slicked, wet-hair style is giving off major "clean girl aesthetic" vibes, and we are here for it.

And the truth is that we're not entirely sure why. The trend works across all hair types, it's relatively low maintenance and most importantly, it's seriously chic. Whether you want to give off fresh, just-showered vibes, make a bold power move or look like you've just stepped off the beach, the wet-hair look is calling out to be adopted. We can only assume that the main reason this trend has never hit the mainstream is because it looks hard to pull off—but that doesn't mean that it is.

In reality, the chicest wet-look hairstyles might just be the ultimate no-fuss way to disguise grease on the run-up to wash day, or perhaps they even give your hair a deep-conditioning treatment. A wet-hair look doesn't have to mean liquidy, flowing lengths. "You can even go for a slicked-back, high bun and achieve a sleek, glass-hair look," says Michael Lendon, Senior Creative Director at Aveda. "The aim is to make sure your hair looks wet as opposed to greasy," he adds.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's scraped-back, beachy look is the stuff that summer hair dreams are made of.

However, if you do want to leave your hair down, it's not quite as tricky to achieve the wet-hair look as you might have previously thought. It just depends on what you want to go for. "My favourite way to style wet-look hair is scraped back with some tousled texture. It gives that 'just-emerged-from-the-pool' look," says Live True London's expert stylist, Tyler Moore. "You can wear it in the day for a cool-girl casual vibe or dress it up for an event."

To achieve the beach look (à la Rosie HW), it's important you don't reach for crunchy products like mousse. "Instead, go for a matte pomade and some styling oil. You want to keep your hair relatively flexible and comfortable, avoiding the dreaded crunch of mousse. When it comes to matte pomades, don't overdo it—a small amount will go a long way," Moore reveals.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Simone Ashley



Simone Ashley's super-long, wet-look ponytail might have taken hours to execute, but it's giving us all of the summer up-do inspo.

Having said that, if you're still desperate for that red-carpet look, getting expensive-looking, wet-look results at home is doable. It just takes a little longer to achieve. "Start by washing the hair and using a heat protector after towel-drying. Brush hair through with a paddle brush to de-tangle, and follow up with a texturiser. Then, apply a liquid gel that provides hold on damp hair, running it through from the top to the ends in backward motions. To get the sleek finish, apply a gloss-boosting, humidity-proofing product like Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep, and finish up with some hairspray," says Lendon.

And that's it. The wet-hair look really is that easy and versatile. For more inspiration on looks to try at home, keep scrolling.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Winnie Harlow



Winnie Harlow's wet-look curls are giving off serious mermaid vibes, and we want in. Look for curl gelées and creams that won't leave strands crunchy.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Kaia Gerber



We'll admit that those with short and mid-length styles are going to find the wet-hair look easiest to do at home. This side-parted, brushed-back look from Kaia Gerber is a prime example.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Lili Reinhart



Lili Reinhart has persuaded us that there really is no need to wash your hair after a day by the pool on holiday. Just run some oil and gel through it after your final dip of the day, and you're ready to head out for the evening.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Zendaya



Everything about this look from Zendaya is absolute goals, from the slicked-back hair to the glowing, beachy makeup.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Laura Harrier



If there's one person that knows a thing or two about a fresh, clean-girl beauty look, it's Laura Harrier, and this laid-back, effortless-looking hairstyle proves our point.

Wet-Look Hair Trend: Florence Pugh



Take your wet-look style into the evening by incorporating some Hollywood finger waves like Florence Pugh's.

Megan Fox is the undisputed queen of the wet-hair look, and this tousled look from the Met Gala could just be the best she's ever done.

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If you're in the market for a great hair oil that will make your wet-hair look feel luxe, we can't recommend this expensive-smelling treatment highly enough.

Crunchy mousses are not the product of choice when it comes to wet-look styles. This styling foam, however, gives the body, bounce, texture and hold of a mousse while leaving hair workable and flexible.

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