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Scandi high-street brand Weekday has long been a fashion editor favourite, but the first-ever UK store just opened on London's Regent Street today. Denim is at the heart of the brand, along with minimal basics such as T-shirts, button-downs and simple dresses, which are all in slightly unusual proportions, fabrics or colourways. Weekday is always our measuring stick for the fact that minimalism doesn't have to be boring—this is where you'll find the perfect pink knitwear, Instagram-worthy slogan T-shirts and unexpected, deconstructed shirts. We're so into the launch that we caught up with the brand's creative director to learn the style tricks of this Scandi trade.

Keep scrolling to discover why this Regent Street store is a game changer for the London shopping scene.

Changing the "Minimal" Scandi Stereotype

Weekday London store: sherpa jacket


Weekday; OUTFIT CREDIT: Sherpa Jacket, A/W 17 collection.

The sherpa jacket from the A/W 17 collection.

"When you think of Scandinavian style, everyone thinks of clean shapes and minimal approaches to fashion and monochrome colours, but at Weekday we have a more dynamic approach with colours so it's a more powerful minimal fashion," explains Creative Director Louise Lasson. "In general, Scandi fashion is focused on shapes and clean lines. We have a huge focus on more minimal garments and deconstructed pieces, and then [we] combine them with new silhouettes and colours."

The upcoming A/W 17 collection, for example, includes oversized knitwear in bubblegum pink, boxy sherpa jackets and a classic puffer coat in lemon. "You wouldn't think of pink and yellow as winter colours, but we have a big belief in lighter colours contrasted on warmer garments." The denim and basic offerings are at the heart of Weekday, and so these playful, structured pieces are all designed to be worn with denim.

The coolest slogan tees

If you're into T-shirts and viral memes, then you might find yourself visiting the Regent Street store once a week. Each Weekday store has an in-store print studio where they create zeitgeist-driven T-shirts every Friday. "It could be something light like 'do what you like,' or viral and playful from that week, or it could be related to something more serious happening in the world," Louise says of the cult tees. "We want them to be part of the zeitgeist, so we decide on the design just before they are printed — they are designed on Monday and printed and sold on Friday. They have a fan base of people waiting each Friday to get them." The tees aren't available online yet, so sadly we can no longer get our hands on the Beyoncé's Twins are Gemini tee.

High-Street clothes you can be proud to wear

Weekday London store: Five pocket jeans



Sustainability is important to Weekday, and all of the five-pocket jeans and tees are made using sustainable cotton. Louise explains that rather than having a throwaway approach to fashion, these clothes are designed to last. "We work with the longevity of the garments so you can wear them for a long time and have the jeans or T-shirts for several seasons. They age beautifully, so there is sustainable longevity to the garments." Weekday's design team sees the tees and five-pocket jeans as the core of any outfit and wants your core basics to be reliable pieces you can be proud to have in your wardrobe.

The Scandi Cult Buys

Weekday London store: Five pocket jeans



As for the pieces that are selling best with Scandi girls right now, Louise explains, "there is a huge interest in vintage-wash light blue denim in a straight leg right now. Plus the beige trench coat styled together with a more simple T-shirt. There has also been a lot about the new deconstructed blouse."

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