The One Pair of High-Street Jeans Every Fashion Editor Recommends

If I had to pinpoint one pair of jeans my fellow editors and I rave about the most, it would probably be Weekday’s Rowe jeans. On the face of it, they look like a pretty standard straight-leg style. So what is it that makes them so special? Well, the lesser-known high-street label (from the same family as H&M and Arket) has really honed its denim offering recently, with every pair, including these, now made from organic and recycled cotton—an impressive starting point. The thought-out designs with modern cuts could easily pass for designer, and the denim feels classic and rigid in the same way your favourite pair of vintage Levi’s does. So far, so good. 

The Rowe, in particular, has a straight-leg shape that’s a little looser than your average and a little higher in the waist, making them seriously flattering and giving anyone who wears them legs for days. (Now you see why we’re all obsessed.) There’s a hint of minimalist late-'90s, early noughties style in the design, which feels very “now,” so they couldn’t be better if you’re looking to freshen up your capsule with a new pair of jeans for spring 2022.

Lindsey styles her Weekday jeans for relaxed spring days. 

Lizzy proves the Rowe jeans look just as good with a heeled boot for drinks in the evening. 

Another reason these jeans are proving so popular amongst the fashion crowd is that they come in three different leg lengths—30, 32 and 34—so you can really tailor the fit to suit your style. I’m 5’2”, for example, and the 30 makes the perfect full-length jeans for me. I’m rarely seen without them these days since they’re so versatile and easy to wear for both day and night. I find myself wearing them with everything from heels and blazers to cosy jumpers and chunky boots at weekends. On top of all this, they come in a whopping 28 colour options, so if you’ve been struggling to find the *perfect* blue, ecru or black for your denim collection, you’re in luck.  

If it wasn’t already obvious, I could go on about the joys of Weekday’s denim for days, but instead, I’ll leave you with links below to some of my favourite Rowe jeans colours available right now. Happy scrolling!

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