So Many People Are Buying These High-Street Jeans, and I Can Totally See Why

Think back to the late '90s. We watched Friends religiously, Green Day T-shirts were all the rage, nu-metal culture was on the rise, shoes came in the form of Etnies or DCs and you couldn't move for the amount of Dickies and Carhartt being worn by the nation's teenagers. Today, however, I want to talk about the '90s jeans we all wore. From my memory, the predominant look was an ultra-baggy style that had to be so long and loose they soaked up any amount of water on the floor. If it rained, you would inadvertently end up with a pair of two-tone jeans. And much like other Y2K trends, these trousers are back. Right now, one pair in question is incredibly popular: Weekday's Rail Mid Loose Straight Jeans. It's easy to see why—these are classic '90s baggy jeans with a lowish waist and long length to the floor. 

As someone who wore this style the first time around, I'm more than a little hesitant to embrace it again, as I'm reluctant to look like I still wear my teenage wardrobe. However, there are ways to do this look, I've discovered, which makes it a little chicer this time around. For starters, you don't need to have your hem dragging on the floor (keep it just above pavement level), and footwear also needs to be considered. If the skater look is what you're after, then, by all means, go for those classic '90s sneakers. Otherwise, I'd stick to a pair of flat black sandals or Converse (very clean, of course). Up top, try a tee or crop top and a blazer or fitted blouse to balance out the extreme bottoms. Keep scrolling to see how to wear these jeans (again) and then shop the pair everyone wants right now…

Style Notes: Lucy Williams's khaki version looks incredible with a shirred top and black sandals. If in doubt, keep it simple. 

Style Notes: This is more true to the classic '90s look. However, look closer and you'll see how coordinated this outfit really is. From the logo on the tee matching the red bag to the black sneakers matching the colour of the top, plus the addition of simple jewellery, this is how to dress like a teenager but still look cool. 

Style Notes: Not everyone loves crop tops—I get that. But this works so well with über-baggy jeans. Tap into the crochet trend at the same time by wearing a similar version of this top (there are plenty around right now), and don't forget to add a handbag and sunnies for a more polished, fashion vibe. 

weekday rail mid loose straight jeans: bella hadid


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Style Notes: Bella Hadid, unsurprisingly, has been doing this look for a while now. Take your baggy jeans into autumn by wearing an oversized coat over your top.