11 Bridal Styling Ideas From the Catwalk

Your wedding dress is one of the single most exciting dresses you’ll ever choose to wear. Wearing it is a defining moment in your life and will be the golden moment in the museum of your stylish youth. Naturally, with all this pressure, finding one that is just so can turn into a quest much like finding the Holy Grail. We hear you.

Instead of agonising over which one, begin with some smart research on what styles or clever little details make your fashion barometer rise. We look to our favourite all-white frocks from the S/S 16 designer collections that raised the pulses of the FROW and are set to spark a whole new domino effect of trends in the bridal world; from Proenza Schouler’s monochrome bows (the cool kind) to Céline’s alluring new neckline that redefines femininity.

Scroll down to uncover the cutting-edge wedding dress trends and inspirations for a year of very chic brides!

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