The Chic Wedding Guest Ensemble Fashion Girls Favour Over Dresses

Theory: The reason you haven't found the perfect dress to wear to that fast-approaching wedding you're invited to could be because you shouldn't actually wear a dress. Don't get us wrong. Our love for dresses is well-documented here at Who What Wear, and we're still very much into them. But sometimes, to stand out from the crowd, you need to see past the typical floral midis and lace minis that dominate wedding guest attire. Instead, why not consider an elegant trouser suit? 

From fine checks to linen and a standout colour palette iteration, some of our favourite looks we've been archiving on Instagram lately all revolve around suiting, and they've certainly inspired us to give them a whirl for wedding season. 

More comfortable than the vast majority of dresses, two-piece suits always resurge come springtime and never fail to look chic when paired with courts and dainty arm candy—which happens to be all you need to make them look wedding guest–appropriate, too.  

Keep scrolling for five examples of impressive wedding guest suit outfits, and then proceed to shop the pieces you need to re-create them. Best dressed guest? It's in the bag.

Wedding Guest Suit Outfits: Hand In Fire


Hand In Fire

Style Notes: To make a real impact, we suggest opting for a printed suit then clashing it with accessories or a blouse in a contrasting motif. 

Wedding Guest Suit Outfits: Lucy Williams


Lucy Williams

Style Notes: You needn't default to heels to create a sleek suited ensemble. Thanks to sharp tailoring, you can pair just about any shoes with a suit, and you're practically guaranteed it'll look polished. 

Wedding Guest Suit Outfits: Erika Boldrin


Erika Boldrin

Style Notes: If your suit is on the muted side—perhaps it's one you bought for work that's been lingering in your wardrobe—then give it a new lease on life with unexpectedly bright accessories. 

Wedding Guest Suit Outfits: Tamu McPherson


Tamu McPherson

Style Notes: Slouchy suiting can look just as elegant as more tailored iterations, particularly when paired with a silk shirt and directional accessories. 

Wedding Guest Suit Outfits: Eni's Wardrobe


Eni's Wardrobe

Style Notes: It's one of the oldest styling tricks in the book, but wearing one colour top to toe never fails to look cool, as Eni proves with aplomb.