Weddings Will Triumph This Year—These Are the 6 Makeup "Rules" to Know

After two very trying years for the wedding industry, it looks as though (all fingers crossed) things are looking up this wedding season. In fact, our wedding schedules are looking busier than ever with invites flooding in thick and fast. You see, not only are we busy planning for the year’s normal number of weddings, but we’re also dealing with rescheduled dates from cancelled arrangements off the back of lockdowns and restrictions. 

And although full of love and joy, weddings can be stressful—especially when you’ve got one to attend every other weekend. To help take the stress out of at least one situation, we thought we’d help you get ahead on your beauty plans. After all, weddings are the one opportunity to look your glowiest self.

However, we also appreciate that there are certain makeup "rules" to follow as a wedding guest to ensure your look doesn’t falter. To make things easy, we reached out to two of the most seasoned wedding makeup artists around for their top tips. From mascara tricks to the perks of using cream formulas, this is what you need to know.

1. Nail Your Base

Weddings can make for very long days, and the most important thing is to make sure you get your base right from the get-go. Makeup artist Madeleine Spencer explains, “Weddings often mean being out in sunlight during the day and inside in the evening.” It is therefore important to choose a foundation or base product that works for both. “As a rule of thumb, less is more. Think of your foundation as a unifying veil, using concealer only where needed for more coverage,” she adds.

Celebrity makeup artist and founder of Skin in Motion Gia Mills echoes the sentiment. “Apply a small amount of makeup and build up. It’s easier to add than remove,” she says.

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This tinted moisturiser is designed to stick around during the most intense of workouts, making it a great option for long, all-day events such as weddings.

Very few concealers give a natural-looking radiance quite like this one. It disguises blemishes and dark circles with ease but doesn't leave skin looking cakey or unnatural. 

This super-hydrating, serum like product plumps and refreshes skin so that your glow looks as though it's coming from the inside out.

2. Play It Safe

Wedding Guest Makeup: @monikh



It’s worth remembering that wedding photos stick around for a long time. Considering that, along with the fact that you’re going to want to feel comfortable in your makeup all day long, a wedding probably isn’t the day to try something new and daring. “Don’t do anything wild when the stakes are high,” says Spencer. “If you tend to wear a red lip, absolutely do that—but a wedding is not the day to dip your toe in new waters. If you want to feel extra special, put time and energy into perfecting your usual look and use a face mask beforehand for a bit of extra glow,” she says.

And be sure to consider where you apply your makeup, too. “Apply your makeup in the best light you can. Hotel rooms can be terrible for natural light, so make sure you check your makeup in natural light before you go,” says Mills.

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Using a calming and hydrating face mask like this cult classic from Summer Fridays is a good way to get the most out of your skin, without going overboard on actives.

This glow-boosting foundation is considered one of the very best for wedding guest makeup thanks to its luminous finish that leaves skin looking natural and radiant. 

To refresh your eye area without risking irritation, use your go-to eye cream or serum, then lock in the goodness and supercharge results with these clever, reusable under-eye masks.

3. Go Waterproof

Wedding Guest Makeup: @aysha.sow



Yes, tears may be shed, but also, general perspiration can cause makeup to run. “If you have an early afternoon service, you’ll undoubtedly be wearing the same makeup until the last dance, so prep well. If you’re prone to a few emotional tears at weddings, use a waterproof mascara,” says Mills. “Curl the lashes first and apply in a zigzag motion to lock the curl in.” 

And Spencer says you can use your mascara in more ways than one. “If you want to open up your eyes but don’t like visible liner, use a little liner brush, coat in mascara and rest it on your lashes, dotting it along the line into any natural gaps. Then add lashings of mascara,” she says. This will help to widen the eye and give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

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Not only does this sweat-proof formula prevent running, but it also lifts the lashes to stop under-eye smudges, too. 

If you're not a fan of waterproof mascaras, ensure you curl your lashes to avoid smudging and running under the eye area.

This aromatic setting spray freshens up your makeup throughout the day and helps to keep things in place.

4. Champion Cream Formulas

For a natural-looking, glowing look, cream formulas should be utilised. “Cream or liquid formulas look great in daylight, so try using cream blush instead of a powder. If you don’t want to invest in something new, tap your lipstick onto your cheeks for a fresh flush that ties in nicely with your lip colour,” advises Spencer.

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Ask any beauty editor what their favourite cream blush is and we can bet they'd say this one from Westman Atelier. Simply dab onto the apples of your cheeks and blend out with fingers for a healthy-looking glow.

A blush, rosy pink lipstick makes for the ultimate cream blush when tapped into the cheeks with fingers.

Swipe this bronzer across the hollows of the face and blend with fingers for a super-quick, natural-looking contour. 

5. Pack Wisely

You shouldn’t have to carry your makeup bag around with you for the entire day to keep on top of touch-ups. “Pack essentials in your bag. This will vary slightly from person to person, but I would suggest a concealer to cover spots or redness, a powder to reduce sheen, a kohl liner to take things up a notch at night and a lipstick to double up as a cheek product,” says Spencer.

And some sort of mist might be a good idea, too. Mills says, “Depending on your skin type, a setting spray can be good to carry and perhaps some blotting pads to absorb shine or sweat.”

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A brown kohl liner is the perfect way to amp up your makeup look for the evening. 

Keep shine in check with this very effective setting powder—it tackles greasiness without compromising glow. 

This potted concealer makes for the ultimate touch-up product. Simply dip your finger in and tap onto areas you want a little bit of natural-looking coverage.

6. Go for Sepia Hues

Wedding Guest Makeup: @joannacoops



Finally, it’s important to think long and hard about your colour palette before you start applying your makeup. For something that works universally for different outfits and skin tones, Spencer recommends natural-toned sepias. “Stick to sepia hues on eyes and use your natural flush colour as a guide for cheeks and lips. With some mascara and a little highlight on cheekbones, you’ll be good to go,” she recommends.

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A Dior eye palette like this one contains all of the basic shadows you need to create a plethora of looks, and the best bit is this small compact is clutch bag-friendly. 

A dew-giving highlight stick like this one is the perfect way to add glow to your makeup look without too much shimmer.

This clever mascara uses tubing technology to lengthen lashes in a way that guarantees no smudging—just wash it off at the end of the day with water (no cleanser required). 

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