Trust Me—I'm an Editor: How to Style One Wedding-Guest Dress for all Seasons

As fashion editors, unsurprisingly, we're the go-to sources of information for our friends and family when it comes to anything style-related. Whether it's a dress for a big date or simply the perfect white tee, we've addressed every question you could imagine. This inspired us to create a new series, Trust Me—I'm an Editor, that allows you, the reader, to get in on the action. What sartorial dilemmas are you facing right now? What problem can we apply our extensive shopping knowledge to? You can shoot us questions via Instagram or our Facebook shopping group, So... Should I Buy This? Use us—you know you want to.

This week's fashion dilemma comes from within the Who What Wear team, but we imagine it's a question that'll resonate with many of our readers (if we're struggling with it, other people are too). As anyone who has attended a wedding will know, finding an appropriate outfit can be a particularly laborious process, and if your experiences are anything like ours, weddings tend to be like buses. Years will go by without a single one, and then five come along at once. The result? Wardrobe meltdown. So what do you do when faced with back-to-back weddings, all requiring equally chic yet smart ensembles?

Well, that's where we come in. We're big believers in smart shopping, and this means restraining from buying four or five new dresses that you'll never wear again, and instead investing in one hardworking piece. Obviously, it can be tricky if guest lists overlap, but in our experience, it's rare that this is the case for more than one event. Also, you'd be surprised at how little other people care about whether you're wearing the same dress again. Either way, we're here to prove that you can invest in one winning dress, restyle it for every season and look killer every time.

I've picked a mid-length Rixo number (it's by far one of the best brands for elegant, fashionable wedding guest dresses) in a universally flattering shade of powder blue. The long sleeves are perfect if you're worried about covering up in church, but thanks to the nipped-in waist, the cut is still super flattering. Plus, the flowy skirt allows for plenty of movement (aka room for dancing) which, let's face it, is a top priority. Scroll down to see how we'd style one dress for every season and shop the pieces.