25 Wedding Guest Bags That Are So Much More Exciting Than Boring Clutches

Wedding guest dresses:



Wedding season is well and truly under way, and all that glitters is indeed gold when it comes to celebrating the nuptials of loved ones. Weddings are an open invitation for glamour, and the occasion calls for bold garb, full lengths and maximalism in the way of shapes, embellishment and patterns. 

If I say the word "wedding bag," you might think of a simple clutch bag. However, there are so many more options now than a boring beige suede envelope bag. It's a prime opportunity for experimental styling and pushing the boundaries of day-to-day uniform looks. Bold as they may be, wedding guest bags are a staple wardrobe accessory. I purchased my first clutch 13 years ago, and although it's seen better days, it remains my assigned fancy-occasion bag.

Wedding guest dresses:



Choosing fancy accessories is a chance to obtain a piece of sentiment (in keeping with your style) to see you through all of those occasions that mean the most to you—be it proms, weddings, christenings, or baby showers. Although, if we've learnt anything from the popularity of Prada's appliqué bags, it's that we're very much in favour of jewelled opulence transitioning into daywear too.

Weddings are one of the few occasions where practical styles are intentionally swapped for itty-bitty bags and bejewelled coin purses. Muted tones often take preference, too, as they suit both delicate hues and busy prints. We love some razzle-dazzle and pearlescent beading, but if you're not one for bling, there are lots of modest options. Lately, there's been an influx of modern varieties. The supple texture of cushioned accessories adds a softness to typical wedding guest wear, as seen with Rejina Pyo's styles.

Wedding guest dresses:



Keep scrolling for the bags I think are wedding-worthy, many of which you can wear for evenings, date nights and NYE. If I've learnt anything from my 13-year-old bag, it's that you can really make them work hard!

Shop my edit of wedding guest bags: 

The champagne hue will complement cool-toned colours.

A classic clasp bag with an '80s vibe.

The pearlescent beading will suit any outfit.

Very art deco and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

This crescent-moon shape sits comfortably underarm. It'll also make for a luxe eveningwear bag after the occasion.

Add a playful element to your wedding guest attire. This is particularly apt if you're attending a beach wedding.

A cushioned bag big enough for your phone.

Suede is another textile that softens accessories.

Perfect for weddings and eveningwear afterwards.

The woven detail with chunky gold will juxtapose silky fabrics.

This hard-shell number is a traditional wallet on a chain that dominates the occasionwear-accessory market.

Cult Gaia is known for interesting styles, and this resin clutch is no exception. 

This woven bag has a rose gold shimmer running throughout.

You can't go wrong with a jewelled style for special occasions.

I love this curved shape sealed with a bow.

A circular metal top handle for some intrigue.

A sparkly rectangle clutch is a classic wedding guest style of bag.

With a raffia accent, this bag is every bit as trendy as it is sleek.

The scallop detailing makes this piece all the more elegant.

Like a bold piece of jewellery on a short string.

A soft bag with a classic chain. I think this style will withstand the test of time.

A cylindrical rattan bag is a modern take on the classic rectangular style. The neutral colour will suit most outfits.

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