All the Wedding-Guest Accessories I Love for Finishing Off an Outfit

I just love me a wedding. The joy of two perfectly suited people making a heartfelt commitment in conjunction with copious amounts of fizz, a merry group of party companions (new and old), some cheesy dance-floor tunes and one big-fat opportunity to get dressed up—it's the dream combination.

Part of the excitement for me is thinking about what to wear. There are so many wedding-guest outfit options, and I've definitely experimented with a few. A trouser suit has served me well for city nuptials, but for the most part, dresses are my trustiest of fashion friends. I'm not that fussed about wearing the same style to multiple weddings. With carefully chosen accessories each time, you can really change the look and feel of your favourite frock.

That's where this handy gallery comes in, offering you the very best in every type of wedding guest accessory. From hats to shoes, jewellery to bags, whether you're a serial outfit-repeater or an "only wear it once" kind of girl, we can all agree these little extras lift any ensemble on the big day. Many of them even work well in the office, on nights out and during your summer hols.

Wedding-Guest Bags

Make it small, decorative, handheld and a conversation starter. But most of all, make it something that really cheers you (and a host of outfits) up. I'm often searching for vintage treats on eBay, but there are plenty of new designs to keep cute bag lovers happy. Beading is still in, as is fringing, but anything goes in terms of colours. I'd suggest choosing a neutral white, cream or metallic to match well with a host of looks.

Wedding-Guest Shoes

From simple strappies to more OTT bejewelled courts, finding the right wedding-guest shoes for you is really dependent on what style you'd normally wear and what you find most comfortable to spend a solid six or so hours in. White, nudes and metallics will always serve you well, but if you're more adventurous than that, I'd urge you to try a colourful satin pair.

Best wedding guest accessories: jewelled court shoes



Wedding-Guest Jewellery

Although necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches are all very valid accoutrements for your wedding ensemble, it would appear that big, bold earrings are still taking up the most airtime on social media and the most shelf space in stores. Particularly great with hair up and a statement neckline; you can go for anything from colourful jewels to pearl baubles or super-minimal gold discs.

Best wedding guest accessories: diamante earrings



Wedding Hair Accessories

It's been a long time since we've seen someone cool attend a wedding wearing a hat (I'm personally a big fan but realise they're a marmite accessory for most). These days, it's all about headbands, hair clips and barrettes, and the more princess-y the better, by the looks of things…

Best wedding guest accessories: satin and velvet headbands



Best wedding guest accessories: hair bows



Wedding Guest Sunglasses

I see weddings as an opportunity to bring your most "extra" self to the fore, and nothing does that quite like a look-at-me pair of sunglasses. Now's the chance to go all-out for diamantés, strong silhouettes and colours that stand out.

Best wedding guest accessories: statement sunglasses



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