These Party Pieces Would Make the Most Traditional Bride Want an Outfit Change

Back in the day, you could say weddings were more of a traditional affair, with one big dress and a rather formal dinner with your nearest and dearest. Now, the idea of how, when and where nuptials should take place is much more fluid. Modern weddings can last anywhere from a couple of hours at the town hall to week-long far-off escapades—you do you, we say. 

But whichever way you choose to celebrate your love—traditional or not—if it involves an excuse for multiple outfit changes, all the better for it in our opinion. Especially when there are so many jaw-droppingly beautiful, out-of-the-box bridal outfits out there now. Everywhere from the high street and more affordable contemporary brands to luxury designers are upping the stakes in bridalwear and adding cute minidresses, sparkles, feathers and fun into their collections—it seems a shame to pick just one style. 

The chances are you’ll probably be having an evening session at your wedding whatever you’re doing, and (speaking from personal experience) if you’ve chosen a more traditional dress for the ceremony, after a full day wearing it, you may start to feel a *little* uncomfortable. If you’re planning on truly letting your hair down in the evening, it just makes sense to have a little party number to change into as you dance the night away. 

Don’t fret, though—we’re not here to stress you out with one more thing to add to your already overflowing to-do list. If you’re interested in finding a fab wedding evening party outfit, we’ve already done the hard work for you. (You can thank us later.) Keep scrolling, and you’ll find our edit of the very best styles out there right now for an impressive outfit change. Whether you’re into the idea of a shorter style, some added drama, a more relaxed number or even just changing up your accessories, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Minidresses

Gone long in the day? Why not go mini at night?

You'll wear this again and again after the big day. 

2. Feathers & Sequins

Wedding Evening Party Outfit Ideas



It's a big day, right? You might as well go all out with some drama. 

Such a wow dress that could easily pass for your main dress. 

If I could get married all over again, I'd choose this dream style for the evening. 

3. Relaxed Slip Dresses

Wedding Evening Party Outfit Ideas



Take a weight off and slip into something a little looser for a night you won't forget. 

I'm so into this dress-with-cowboy-boots vibe for an evening outfit. 

If your day dress is structured, this will feel like wearing air when you change into it. 

A friend recently emerged in this as her wedding party look, and it was stun-ning 

4. Party Feet

A simple change of shoes can turn your wedding outfit into a party-ready look. 

If there were any day to justify buying Mach & Mach for, it's this one.

Obsessed with how noughties these feel. 

Camille Charrière raved about how comfortable these were for her wedding night. 

5. Wow Accessories

Don't forget the accessories. Add some sparkle and a cute bag either to your day dress or your new outfit, and it will instantly feel more fun. 

This would be a great occasionwear bag after the big day too.

Perfect if you're on a budget but still want some fun token jewellery. 

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