The 2019 Wedding Dress Trends to Know

Spring 2019 wedding dress trends


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Since winter can sometimes be a drag, especially when you're trudging through slush and snow for months on end, having something exceptionally pretty to look at (or forward to if you're engaged) is never a bad thing. Alas, we present you with the biggest 2019 wedding dress trends to know. In case you aren't familiar with the bridal world, the market is heavily run by seasons just as it is with ready-to-wear, and today, we have three experts in the industry here to give us the edited version of which bridal trends are worth noting for the upcoming year. 

Ahead, read about each of the trends bridal experts from David's Bridal, Theia, and Floravere are calling out as the It wedding dress trends to know in 2019. Without veering too far off the expected bridal track, the styles ahead feel just fresh enough to get you excited for the year ahead, whether you're getting married or not. 


“Maybe it’s the Markle effect, but brides are going wild for high-neck and mock-neck details! The narrow cut of a cutaway neckline showcases shoulders and draws the eye upward, making them the perfect option to balance out proportions.” — Lori Conley, senior vice president of merchandising, design, and product development at David's Bridal

The Royal Touch

"The Duchess of Sussex has long been a source of inspiration. Her classic, effortless, and chic style coupled with all the excitement leading up to her wedding earlier this year inspired my spring 2019 bridal collection, which I showed in April. Body-hugging silhouettes dripping with ornate crystal beadwork were inspired by tiaras and crown jewels, while baroque scrollwork informed the rich and opulent embroideries and gilded tapestry brocades. My princess bride is cool, modern, sexy, and confident, reinventing palace protocol for a new age royal family." — Don O'Neill, Theia's creative director

"Less is more this season. We're loving gowns in minimal, structured fabrics like silk mikado and matte satin—especially when done in a timeless, sophisticated silhouette. A clean, classic look really lets YOU shine (we like to say you want you to wear the dress; you don't want the dress to wear you), and you can always pair it with a more embellished accessory like a lace-trimmed veil or floral headpiece for a touch of drama." — Denise Jin and Molly Kang, Floravere founders

Statement Sleeves

"Statement sleeves, especially one like the billowy bishop one featured here, are a nod to Edwardian-inspired romanticism while still finding a way to feel modern when paired with a fitted silhouette. It’s a fresh take on coverage." — Conley

Sleek & Simple

"At Theia, clean and simple silhouettes, such as our Devon Gown, have become some of our best-selling styles. For spring 2019, we introduced new styles based off our signature look with gowns including Meghan and Jordan." — O'Neill


"Sheer, transparent details, whether done in the layering of wisps of airy skirt layers or in the delicateness of an unlined bodice, are the perfect wink and a nod to being sultry." — Conley

Bridal Jumpsuits

"A jumpsuit look is not only fun, but it's also practical. We love the contrast of wearing something really romantic and perhaps totally impractical down the aisle (the bigger the better), and then changing into a chic bridal jumpsuit so you're totally dance floor–ready for the reception." — Jin and Kang

Shoulder Moments

“Looking to achieve a subtler approach to sexy? Incorporate a shoulder moment into your look. Inspired by runway fashion, exposed shoulders continue to be an on-trend look. OTS gowns offer up the perfect opportunity for a major statement earring to personalize your look.” — Conley

Shine Bright

“Who doesn’t love a bit of fairy dust? Layers of eye-catching sequins add high shine for the bride who’s looking to captivate her guests.” — Conley


"We're big champions of wearing a slightly less traditional color like champagne or blush down the aisle, as it gives gorgeous dimension and depth in contrast to white or ivory accents. Especially when the lace on a dress is really special, we find it pops better against shades of off-white and photographs really beautifully." — Jin and Kang

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