These Are the 10 Wedding Dress Styles Every Bride Loves

Wedding-dress styles are very personal, and not every type of bridal gown suits every body shape. Which means when it comes to shopping for your big day, it can be a tough to make a decision. Do you go for a lace frock or something vintage? Should you go for an off-the-shoulder style or a dress with long sleeves?

If you're panicking, fear not. We've got an excellent guide on how to choose your wedding dress by six fashion brides who share how they selected their big day frock. But once you've done that and committed their wise words to memory, how about looking at the type of dress you'd like and what's out there right now?

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We've perused the best online stores for some of the most popular wedding-dress styles, which you can shop right here. From some of the leading wedding dress designers in the world to a more high-street wedding-dress selection, we guarantee you'll find something that suits you.

Click through our gallery for a look at some of the best wedding dress styles and where to shop them now.


A classic fishtail dress is seriously gorgeous, although be aware that this generally suits an hourglass figure.

Bias Cut

Want a more slip-dress style? This one's for you. 

Long Sleeved

Because not all wedding dresses have to be strapless.


Tapping into this summer's hottest trend, the off-the-shoulder style has made its way into the bridal world. 


Want a vintage-style dress but not sure what to go for? Topshop offers an incredible range for the retro bride. 


This simple yet chic dress is ideal for those who want a slim-looking silhouette. 


Not keen on ivory or white? Light pink is definitely the answer. 


True, lace isn't for everyone, but this gown is simply extraordinary.

Next up: High-street wedding dresses have never looked so good. Still struggling with your wedding dress decision? Check out what six fashion brides did to find their wedding dresses.

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