Whoa: Here's How Much You'll Save If You Skip the Wedding Dress

Look, it's no secret: Weddings, generally speaking, are a fairly large investment—and the dress is a big part of thatThe Knot reports that on average, a single wedding these days runs $31,000—and you're lucky if you walk away from the soiree spending $10,000 or less.

Well, Slate wants to drive the point home even more; its editors put together a calculator that shows just how much married couples would have saved over time if they had invested the money they spent on their wedding. For example, if you've been married five years and you spent the average $31,000 on your wedding, the calculator reveals that you would now have approximately $63,475 if you had invested that money instead. Whoa.

Head to Slate to run your own numbers, and keep scrolling to shop affordable wedding dresses now!


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