5 Influencers and Their Favourite "Old" Items That Still Look Brand-New

The bigger Instagram's reach becomes, the greater the influence wielded by its most beloved fashion stars. While previously, the power was solely in the hands of the magazine editor elite, now it's the women ruling the feeds that have the last say in trends.

For those in this privileged position, it would be all too easy to capitalise on the benefits that come with Insta fame (aka stepping out every day in hot-off-the-press pieces and never wearing anything more than once). But as we have discovered, there are plenty of influencers who are just as passionate about sustainability as we are and want to change this misconception.

So what are the benefits of treasuring old pieces? Well, not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, but it's also incredibly revealing when it comes to understanding which styles stand the test of time. The result? Better returns on your fashion investments. Say goodbye to mindless shopping sprees and hello to winning wardrobe gems you'll love season after season. More style, less wastage—what more could you want?

To inspire your upcoming wardrobe spring cleaning, we decided to ask five fashion bloggers which old items they re-wear year after year. From trenches and blazers to suits and denim, unsurprisingly, most of their picks were under the "style classics" category, but they're all pieces that can be adapted to any taste or season. Scroll down to see and shop their edit.


"I have a number of items (clothes and accessories) that I often go back to and that frequently appear on my Instagram. One of those items are my straight-leg Levi's. I bought them ages ago, and they are still my favourite pair. Occasionally, I like to buy a pair of trendy jeans that are very of-the-moment, but season after season, I still go back to my Levi's, as they are classic and never go out of style. Right now, I love wearing them with chunky sweaters and sandals or oversized shirts." —Renata Jazdzyk


"For me, a coat is such an investment it would be silly not to wear year after year! I bought my navy oversized Whistles coat about four years ago. It comes out every year looking almost as good as the day I bought (in the sale!)" —Alex Stedman


"You can't go wrong with a blazer. Over the last two seasons, blazers have become my thing. I wear them dressed up with matching trousers or dressed down with a pair of jeans. When I have no idea of what to wear but still want to look like I mean business, my checked blazer from Simply Be is my go-to. When worn with a black turtleneck, yellow jumper, or white T-shirt underneath, it looks great." —Lauren Nicole Coppin Campbell


"Year after year—in both spring and autumn—I return to wearing what like to call my beige 'trusty trench.' It's one of the most classic and timeless items I own in my wardrobe, hence it's become a seasonal staple. It literally goes with everything. I've worn it with white boots, sandals, sneakers … I will no doubt be pulling it out for spring and styling it with jeans and nude boots that I recently purchased from Joseph." —Marissa Cox


"If there's one thing I return to season after season, it a suit. Whether it's summer or winter, I love throwing on this ASOS checked suit. It’s super comfortable and literally goes with everything I own." —Syana Laniyan

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