The #1 Sneaker No Fashion Girl Ever Chucks Out of Her Wardrobe

Fact: There's one pair of sneakers that we will never get rid of—Converse. But as with everything that becomes a wardrobe staple, it can get a little boring. How do you wear Converse over and over without getting tired of how they look? Thankfully, there is a load of our favourite street stylers who often wear the sneakers with various different outfits. From superfan Veronika Heilbrunner, who never seems to be without her trusty high-tops, to Camille Charrière, who manages to make her box fresh pair look chic with a midi skirt and a puffer jacket (and tights—yes, that's a thing), we've worked out plenty of ways to make your Converse feel new and exciting. Keep scrolling for 10 ideas on how to wear your sneakers that prove no fashion girl will ever chuck these out of her wardrobe.

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