35 of the Best Wavy Hairstyles to Copy Right Now

There are so many classic hairstyles that stand the test of time—from pixie cuts and bobs to layered lengths and French-girl fringes—but few come so universally appealing as the wave. Whether it's a laidback beach wave created with your hair straighteners or a more defined kink that you might be lucky enough to have naturally, wavy hairstyles are totally timeless, work on all hair lengths and always look chic.

To prove it, I've been busy looking through my saved folder on Instagram to pick out some of my favourite fashion girls and celebrities who make wavy hair look so damn good. Ahead, see 35 wavy hairstyles with the biggest curve appeal.

Alyssa Coscarelli
Wavy hairstyles: Alyssa Coscarelli



Keep bouncy waves and a softly curled fringe in place with a simple hair clip like Alyssa.

Jourdan Dunn
Wavy hairstyles: Jourdan Dunn



Long hair looks so glamorous when worn in loosely tousled waves as Jourdan Dunn proves here.

Nnenna Echem
Wavy hairstyles: Nnenna Echem



IMO, wavy hairstyles look best when left to their own devices, but Nnenna's regal velvet headband might just have convinced me otherwise.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Wavy hairstyles: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Side-parted, mid-length waves look so good on Rosie.

Megan Ellaby
Wavy hairstyles: Megan Ellaby



The ultimate cool-girl accessory for your waves? A bucket hat, of course.

Hailey Bieber
Wavy hairstyles: Hailey Bieber



Hailey's artfully dishevelled strands look like she's just got back from the beach—in a good way. 

Marianne Theodorsen
Wavy hairstyles: Marianne Theodorsen



I love how the blunt ends of Marianne's pastel bob contrast with soft waves through the lengths.

Eva Longoria
Wavy hairstyles: Eva Longoria



Eva's retro waves are definitely red carpet–ready.

Freddie Harrel
Wavy hairstyles: Freddie Harrel



Waves look so good on shorter haircuts as they add so much volume and lift.

Jennifer Lopez
Wavy hairstyles: Jennifer Lopez



J.Lo chopped her trademark long strands into a lob recently—opting to style it with some artfully placed waves.

Emma Breschi
Wavy hairstyles: Emma Breschi



Use a curling tong with a large barrel to create Emma's bouncy waves.

Wavy hairstyles: Beyoncé



Beyoncé's centre-parted waves and blonde highlights pay subtle homage to the '90s. I'm obsessed. 

Emili Sindlev
Wavy hairstyles: Emili Sindlev



Although Scandi girls are renowned for their minimalist style, it turns out that they're passionate about the simplicity of wavy hair too.

Ashley Graham
Wavy hairstyles: Ashley Graham



Seriously—how shiny are Ashley's sleek waves?

Wavy hairstyles: Lorna



If you naturally have a subtle wave to your hair, then try using a tong to add a slightly more defined one at the front of your hairstyle like Lorna—a great timesaver.

Laura Harrier
Wavy hairstyles: Laura Harrier



Switching your parting to the side instantly takes laid-back beach waves into a special occasion style.

Sania Claus Demina
Wavy hairstyles: Sania Claus Demina



A feathery French-girl fringe looks so chic when paired with a relaxed wavy hairstyle.

Carey Mulligan
Wavy hairstyles: Carey Mulligan



This tousled bob might well have convinced me to chop all my hair off.

Stephanie Broek
Wavy hairstyles: Stephanie Broek



Add a statement hair accessory to loose waves for an easy wedding guest look like Stephanie's.

Maya Jama
Wavy hairstyles: Maya Jama



Sometimes only a full head of bouncy beach waves will do as Maya demonstrates.

Zeena Shah
Wavy hairstyles: Zeena Shah



Zeena's one-length cut and centre paring pays homage to the '70s.

Alexa Chung
Wavy hairstyles: Alexa Chung



If there's one celebrity that has made wavy hair their beauty trademark, it's Alexa.

Monikh Dale
Wavy hairstyles: Monikh Dale



I'm going to be doing everything I can to grow my hair long if it means my waves will look as good as Monikh's.

Wavy hairstyles: Zendaya



Use a texture spray at the roots of your hairstyle to add as much volume as Zendaya has here.

Courtney Trop
Wavy hairstyles: Courtney Trop



Fashion girl Courtney keeps her roots completely flat for this cool style.

Olivia Munn
Wavy hairstyles: Olivia Munn



I love the way that Olivia's braided roots add texture to her wavy style.

Lucy Williams
Wavy hairstyles: Lucy Williams



If you have naturally fine hair like Lucy, then try plaiting your hair before bed to re-create this subtle beach wave for the next day.

Lucy Boynton
Wavy hairstyles: Lucy Boynton



Spritz a salt spray through the lengths of your hair to add piecey texture.

Callie Thorpe
Wavy Hairstyles: Callie Thorpe



Experts usually suggest that you brush your waves through once you've used a curling tong but leave them alone if you prefer your waves to have more definition like Callie's do.

Kim Kardashian West
Wavy hairstyles: Kim Kardashian West



A classic red carpet wave as modelled by Kim K.

Lili Reinhart
Wavy hairstyles: Lili Reinhart



Lili's side-swept waves are giving off major ethereal vibes.

Margot Robbie
Wavy hairstyles: Margot Robbie



Slightly wet-looking and incredibly chic, Margot's gentle waves are perfectly elegant.

Priyanka Chopra
Wavy hairstyles: Priyanka Chopra



Perfectly preened, I love the way Priyanka's tonged waves still look soft and full of texture.

Shay Mitchell
Wavy hairstyles: Shay Mitchell



Shay is without a doubt the queen of undone, beachy waves.

Lea Michele
Wavy hairstyles: Lea Michele



I don't think I could be any more obsessed with Lea's centre-parted waves and retro headband. 

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