Here's A Pair Of Jeans You Literally Never Have To Wash

You might recall ye grand debate that recently occured over whether or not you're actually supposed to wash your jeans—and now there's at least one denim brand that's capitalising on the conversation. DL1961 Premium Denim has produced a style of jeans that kill odor-causing bacteria, and conseuqently (the designer argues), never really need to be washed.

The new line, appropriately dubbed Intelligent Denim, is made with a new technology called Silvadur, a microbal control technology that prevents bacteria (and the odours that come with it) from growing, according to HuffPost Style. The idea is that if jeans-wearers know their denim is gradually killing bacteria as they wear them, the need to wash them later goes out the window.

Head over to DL1961's site to shop the new styles now! And tell us: would you want a pair of jeans you literally never have to wash? Sound off in the comments below!

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