7 Items I'm Wearing to Stay Warm On Weekend Walks

Warm winter outfits: Brittany Bathgate on a winter beach walk


Brittany Bathgate

Like most people in lockdown, my weekend plans suddenly involve long winter walks. I love a long, blustering walk, but I wouldn't typically choose to spend so much time outside in January. Whether you're walking in Hampstead Heath, Hackney Marshes, or the Highlands, you'll need practical items that will keep you warm until spring arrives. 

If you want outfits that will keep you toasty but are a little more interesting than a boring fleece and thermals, below, you'll find seven items that will see you through a winter of outdoor activities in style. The first essential item you'll need is a coat that will act like your very own portable heater, so I recommend you start with a puffer coat. Then, you'll need all the classic winter staples for layering: chunky boots, thick knitwear, and accessories. However, I've also outlined small details to look out for within these categories.

So before you plan your next excursion, regardless of the weather, keep scrolling for the items that will keep you warm this winter. 

1. Maxi Puffer Coat

Warm winter outfits: Puffer coat and chunky boots



The key item you'll need is a mighty warm coat, and you really can't beat a maxi puffer coat. This Arket ankle-skimming coat is our personal favourite. 

This winter's leading boot trend lends itself to long winter walks, as there are lots of boots with chunky soles, wipe-clean leather, and rubber around right now. Mud? No problem. 

3. Raincoat

For days when it's really drizzly, swap that puffer for a raincoat. The poncho that AlexaChung has created with Barbour is a personal favourite. 

4. Roll-Neck Jumper

Warm winter outfits: rollneck, dungarees and checked coat



When it comes to layering, everyone needs a trusty roll-neck, and I'd recommend stocking up on lots of colours. 

Warm winter outfits: cropped jeans



When it comes to your bottom half, you want a splash-proof option, so I'd recommend you opt for cropped jeans that sit above your boots. 

6. Bucket Hat

A beanie will always do the trick, but I'm also a fan of a bucket hat. Arket's cosy pile hat above is especially insulating.

7. Cable-Knit Knitwear

Anyone who has watched The Holiday knows that a cable-knit jumper is a countryside winter essential.