17 Wardrobe Basics You Need in Your 30s, From Someone Who Knows

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s: Sylvie Mus wearing blue jeans and a tan wool coat



I'm going to turn 39 at the end of the year, and while I have curated my wardrobe staples over time, I think I've finally settled on a capsule of the below 17 items. Now, well into my 30s, I think it's safe to say I'm happy with these pieces and I would never switch any of them out for anything else. Yes, newer additions come and go, but these are the ones I wear most regularly. I've not included items like skirts or wedding-guest dresses because, as I've mentioned, this is about getting dressed daily, rather than for those special events where more unique pieces may be required.

This list isn't about items that are just nice to have, either, nor is this list isn't about keeping up with the latest trends. This list is all about pieces that will last in your wardrobe, and whenever you wear them, they will make you feel good and look stylish however the end up together. I own all the items I've featured below (and where that wasn't possible, I've found something very similar), and they are my fail-safe options when it comes to getting dressed quickly and chicly. A formidable combination. They enable me to get ready without having to think about it—a life hack that can never be underestimated.

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s: Elinor Block wearing a black jacket, white shirt and blue jeans



Of course, that's not to say that anyone outside of their 30s can't have all these items in their wardrobe and rely on them as much as I do; but I've definitely gotten to a point where having classic outfits I can reach for every morning is my preferred way to function. So keep scrolling to see the items I've selected. Even if you just had these to wear over and over again, you'd be very happy. Trust me on this. 

1. White T-Shirt

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Kim wears a white t-shirt with blue jeans. 

Shop white t-shirts:

I've never met a plain white T-shirt I didn't like. My personal preference is a loose-fit soft tee that doesn't feel too stiff. It needs to feel like you've worn it forever, and it's like your second skin. I found the perfect white tee from Arket about six years ago, and I still wear it today. 

H&M is also a go-to for a great white tee. 

2. Trench

Fran wears a trench coat with blue jeans and Birkenstock Bostons.

Shop trenches:

3. White Shirt

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Danielle wears a white shirt with split-hem leggings. 

Shop shirts:

I'm a big advocate for shopping in the men's section, and a few months ago, I found the ideal white shirt from COS. It's just the right loose fit, and the material is thick but not too heavy. 

A premium iteration will last for years and years to come. 

4. Vest

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Marianne wears a white vest with jeans. 

Shop vests:

Whether you're wearing this with a pair of joggers or jeans, this top will get endless outings. 

5. Easy Jumper

Chiara wears a white jumper with striped shorts.

Shop jumpers:

You know when you just want to feel warm but don't want to look totally slobby? This is the jumper you need. I can personally vouch for Navy Grey's knitwear as being great quality.

A soft-grey jumper will go with just about every other colour in your wardrobe. 

6. Smart Trousers

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Anouk wears white tailored trousers.

Shop trousers:

Chuck these on with loafers, boots or trainers, and you'll look chic. 

Wear relaxed with a tee or elevate with a tailored shirt. 

7. Blue Jeans

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s

Monikh wears blue jeans and a white blouse.

Shop jeans:

I can't stress enough how important finding the right blue jeans is. I discovered a great pair from & Other Stories last year, and they're easily one of the best I've ever worn. Smart, reliable and chic when paired with any of the above tops.

8. Leggings

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Savi wears split-hem leggings and a blazer.

Shop leggings:

9. Black Ankle Boots With Heels

Aniyah wears heeled black boots.

Shop boots:

Black boots with a heel are the kind of boots that never go out of style and are great for working or going out. 

10. Sneakers

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Chase wears a pair of Nike trainers with chinos. 

Shop trainers:

I love trainers, and finding a pair that's cool and looks great with everything in your wardrobe is key. 

11. Sandals

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Dawn wears a pair of black sandals with tan tailored trousers. 

Shop sandals:

I'm very easy when it comes to sandals. I like them sleek and simple.

12. Gold Necklace

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Lea wears a gold chain necklace with pearl pendant. 

Shop necklaces:

The way to add instant polish to your outfit is to add a necklace. Anything gold, in my opinion. 

13. Gold Earrings

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Danielle wears gold earrings.

Shop earrings:

Similarly, you'll suddenly look super chic with gold earrings. 

14. Black Blazer

Madeleine wears a black blazer with wide-leg trousers. 

Shop blazers:

The oldest trick in the styling book. If in doubt, add a black jacket to give your outfit some sophistication. Well, it works for the French. 

This boxy silhouette is just right. 

15. Floral Dress 

Emma wears a floral dress with tan sandals. 

Shop floral dresses:

Perhaps the most "outrageous" item on this list, the floral dress just makes the cut as being a wardrobe basic. Pull it out for weddings, summer events or wearing over the top of a roll-neck and boots in the winter. 

16. Black Dress

Wardrobe staples for women in 30s



Thandi wears a black cotton dress with minimal sandals. 

Shop black dresses:

It doesn't have to be an LBD to make the cut. But a black dress that you truly love is such a great thing to have in your wardrobe. It will save you on so many occasions when you just don't know what to wear. 

17. Comfortable Bra

Charlotte wears a black bra.

Shop bras:

Trust me on this: Paying a bit more for your bra will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. If you can't get fitted right now, try out our bra-size calculator

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.