What Your Wardrobe Says About You, According to a Psychologist

Considering how much of an important part fashion plays in the lives of millions, the specific psychology of it is a relatively new field of research. But at the beginning of the year, one can't help thinking of wardrobe clearouts, style-overs or simply getting that workwear closet in good shape. So is your actual wardrobe giving off signs (good or bad)?

We drilled our most knowledgeable source for fashion psychology, Dr. Carolyn Mair, a chartered psychologist who, as the London College of Fashion's reader of psychology, has established the world's first courses for this subject at the school. Using empirical evidence, there are conclusions that can potentially be drawn from that pile of clothes languishing on your floor or the fact you keep original designer hangers.

Scroll down to see if you relate to any of these statements.

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Opening Image: Phill Taylor