I've Been a Stylist for 27 Years—These 11 Classics Are the Backbone of My Closet

We've followed Roz Kaur for years due to her unique and inspiring style. She also happens to work in the fashion industry, having been a stylist for 27 years. Over time, Kaur has honed her wardrobe-building skills and has identified specific pieces that consistently work for her clients and herself. These front-runners have become the backbone of her closet due to their timeless and versatile nature.

Kaur is sharing her classic favorites below in case you're seeking styling or shopping inspiration on your own sartorial journey. While Kaur has her own variations of these pieces based on her personal preferences, there are various interpretations of each classic item (as displayed in the product recommendations) to fit different styles. Keep scrolling to discover Kaur's current wardrobe essentials. 



On Kaur: Prada loafers

"I love a great pair of classic loafers because, apart from being super comfy, they elevate just about everything. I throw them on with everything from old ripped jeans and everyday dresses to nice trousers, so the cost per wear is practically free."

Midi Skirt

On Kaur: Uniqlo skirt

"This versatile piece transforms easily from daytime to nighttime with a simple change of shoes."

Leather Jacket

On Kaur: Avec Les Filles jacket

"A leather jacket is a true staple, and I like to try and keep everything else polished when I wear one."

Striped Knit

On Kaur: St. Roche sweater

"This sweater has become a staple to my uniform. I've been wearing it on repeat and will continue to do so through the next season. I like to buy a fresh new one every fall with a subtle tweak to classic silhouettes." 

On Kaur: St. Roche pants

"These pants look so fresh in spring and summer and chic in winter."

Retro Sneakers

On Kaur: Adidas sneakers

"I love mixing classic pieces to get the right balance. These sneakers make a simple pair of trousers a million times cooler without screaming trendy." 

Voluminous Dress

On Kaur: H&M dress

"This voluminous satin dress is a multifunctional piece that looks clearly elegant on its own, but creatively [layering] with a tuxedo jacket and heels or flats takes this silhouette to another level."

Oversized Coat

On Kaur: Zara coat

"For me, it's all about a great jacket or coat since it's the piece that completes an outfit and takes it from boring to spectacular—yes, even your most beat-up jeans."

Classic Heels

On Kaur: Maeve pumps

"The color and the cool heel of this pump make the most basic pieces look avant-garde."

Statement Necklace

On Kaur: Anthropologie necklace

"A statement necklace can look chic without being overpowering and distracting. It can even be a great piece to wear to work and, when layered, can easily transform a look from day to night."

Puffer Jacket

On Kaur: Nicholas K puffer jacket

"To me, it's the definition of an effortless essential. Keep it balanced by styling contrasting silhouettes together."