I Halved My Wardrobe, and It's Actually Made Me More Stylish

I need to start this piece with a disclaimer: I'm not qualified to write a life-changing, instructive piece about tidying up. Inside my ankle boots, you'll usually find a pair of mismatched socks. Look in any of my handbags and there will be a hefty layer of random receipts and year-old train tickets. I've been known to keep my passport in the same drawer as my tights, and I own 13 European plug adaptors because I can never find one when I'm about to head to the airport.

However, I moved flats in December, bought Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, did a car boot sale, sold three things on Depop, sent 12 bags to a charity shop, three to SmartWorks, one to a recycling bin and halved my wardrobe. I'm sure my handbags will continue to be filled with a bizarre paper trail, and today I've got odd socks concealed under my Chelsea boots, but there are several lessons I learned from my ruthless cull that will change how I dress and consume fashion for years.